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Who would you like to interview?

  by Norskie
If he wasn't so popular, I would love to interview John Powell.

I would also like to interview those involved with the marketing, ask how the companies collaborated (if any). Just to help my argument that there was some pretty major flaws with the campaign.

Posted 28 Aug 2014, 09:39 in How to Train Your Dragon 2

Favourite httyd 1 references

  by Norskie
<t>In HTTYD1, Hiccup is overlooking the vast ocean while his father 'readies the ships'. In HTTYD2, Hiccup is overlooking the vast ocean while his father's pyre burns. (not to mention its a ship). It took me a while but I think that was some great mirroring and probably made the Funeral just that mo...

Posted 18 Aug 2014, 22:55 in How to Train Your Dragon 2

HTTYD2 Highest Grossing Animated Film To Date!

  by Norskie
ALRIGHT!!!!! Go dragons!

Posted 17 Aug 2014, 21:28 in How to Train Your Dragon 2

Favourite line from the movies?

  by Norskie
<t>"Men who kill without reason, cannot be reasoned with."- Stoick<br/> "How do you become someone that great, that *I forget this word-, that selfless...I guess you can only try."- Hiccup<br/> "You might want to take this one."-Gobber<br/> "Thank you for nothing, you useless reptile."-Hiccup<br/> "...

Posted 11 Aug 2014, 23:43 in How to Train Your Dragon 2

So how many times have we watched this movie?

  by Norskie
Three times.

Money well spent by the broke College Student.

Posted 03 Aug 2014, 01:37 in How to Train Your Dragon 2

Favourite Quote

  by Norskie
"If I drink that, I'm gonna Yak-nog all over the place."
"Maybe you want to taste a punch in the face?"

Posted 03 Aug 2014, 01:35 in Dragon Shorts

Your opinion on Heather?

  by Norskie
<r><QUOTE author="Lastandir" time="1406208263"><s>[quote=Lastandir,(time=1406208263)]</s><QUOTE author="Norskie" time="1406074853"><s>[quote=Norskie,(time=1406074853)]</s> <S><s>[s]</s>I also have this other possibly ridiculous theory that Berk is actually an island off of Mainland Scotland.<e>[/s]<...

Posted 24 Jul 2014, 23:25 in DreamWorks Dragons

Rise of Berk Dragon Role Call

  by Norskie
<t>I'm so behind everyone...<br/> <br/> 2 Terrible Terrors<br/> 1 Deadly Nadder<br/> 1 Whispering Death<br/> 1 Snaptrapper<br/> 1 Night Fury (Toothless does count right?)<br/> 1 Gronckle<br/> 1 Monstrous Nightmare<br/> 1 Scauldron<br/> <br/> I really don't like spending runes either. I'm so stingy w...

Posted 23 Jul 2014, 23:12 in How to Train Your Dragon 2

Your opinion on Heather?

  by Norskie
<r><QUOTE author="Berserk Shieldmaiden" time="1405190833"><s>[quote=Berserk Shieldmaiden,(time=1405190833)]</s><QUOTE author="Eret" time="1405189918"><s>[quote=Eret,(time=1405189918)]</s>She's whatever as a character (i don't really care either way) but I can't <I><s>[i]</s>stand<e>[/i]</e></I> her ...

Posted 22 Jul 2014, 20:20 in DreamWorks Dragons

The Little Things

  by Norskie
<r>My favorite little things <br/> <br/> -Hiccup dropping the black sheep into Astrid's basket in the end. <br/> -When Hiccup and Astrid meet Eret the first time, Toothless starts to snarl but Astrid places a hand on him which seems to calm him. <br/> -Gobber forcing Hiccup to dance in Dancing and t...

Posted 20 Jul 2014, 13:13 in How to Train Your Dragon 2