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Echoed Songs
Topic Started: 05 Sep 2017, 00:26 (5086 Views)
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Dragon Egg

Hey there, everyone!

I thought I'd pop in and show off my most recent fanfiction, Echoed Songs!

Echoed Songs is the sequel to my most popular fanfiction, I Hear Him Scream. A very brief summary is:

"The war is over, the nightmare passed. Yet peace is not so simple, and Hiccup and Toothless struggle to readjust as threats loom from both outside Berk and within."

Here are some supplementary links to...
I Hear Him Scream
The TL;DR of I Hear Him Scream (Also known as: the IHHS animatic I advertised a few months back that goes over the main events of IHHS. Warning: graphic content at about 00:48-00:53).

I hope you all enjoy it! :D Let me know if you have any questions! I love to talk about this stuff hahaha.
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Archivist of Berk

I've only had time to read the first two chapters of Echoed Songs, but so far it's just as incredible as the original, I Hear Him Scream! Can't wait for me to find the time so I can read more!

There's actually a thread open at the moment about what AUs people like, and transformation AU's have been brought up by a couple of people. If you like transformation AUs, but haven't read I Hear Him Scream, then you need to! It's a really good story - I think I read it in about two sittings as I just couldn't put it down!

And finally I've just embedded the video that Rift-Raft linked to above here, so if you're as lazy as me, you don't even have to click the link to watch it ;)

Astrid - "Hictooth"?
Hiccup - Yeah, it's not my snappiest comeback.
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Dragon Egg

Wow, thank you! And thanks for the shout-out! ^^ I'm sure it's great knowing you've got a huge buffer of chapters waiting for you...I actually know a lot of people who are doing the same thing. The update schedule is set to be bi-weekly until further notice, though, so hopefully no giant month-long gaps between updates. I'd love to hear your thoughts on ES when you find the time to read some more!

Also, I had no clue you could embed videos! What is this sorcery? :O
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