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Yansha's Tale
Topic Started: 31 Jan 2019, 08:14 (1566 Views)
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Dragon Egg

"No, Yansha! You are a beggar, just like the rest of us. You'll never be anything more, no matter how you wish it could be otherwise. Life is a cruel pithole that you can't escape, especially for people of our station. So accept it, and go get food for your family."

A skinny, unkempt girl slunk outside, away from her stern father. Away from the dirty little tent she shared with her baby brother, mother and the aforesaid father. Away to go and 'get food'. Away she went, just like every other past day of the last 19 years of her life.

Skinny and unkempt were most people's first perception of her. And most people never bothered with a second look. But if they had, they would have seen the gray eyes with gold flecks. The almost black hair that still shone slightly despite the dirt. And the grace with which she moved. But all they saw was a potential thief. Which was a well-founded belief, as Yansha was in fact very good at thieving. But what most people didn't know, was the fact that Yansha only stole from those who had wronged her friends or family. Be you poor or rich, she would steal you blind - depending on what you did.

But most of the time, she begged. Just because she was good at thieving didn't mean she particularly liked doing it. It was a means of survival and protection, and that's all. Of course, she really hated begging for money and food. But at least it was honest.

She made her way towards the center of the city, where people were more likely to give money. As with many cities, the wealthiest people were stationed at the center of the city. The poorer you are, the farther out to the edge you lived. For Yansha, it was a very long walk to the rich district. However, it was the one part of begging she enjoyed. On her path to the rich district, there was a temple. In the temple, there was what you would usually find in a temple - priests and priestesses. However, what these people did was different from most of the priests and priestesses you would find.

They were Keepers of Memories. The Watchers of the Past and the Present.

Every day, Yansha went past this place. And every day, she snuck in, to watch the rites of passage. Like most people, Yansha wished to join the Watchers. Unlike most people, her family was against it. Her father, especially. Hence the argument this morning. Yansha loved her father dearly, but this was one thing that she could not let go of. Shaking these thoughts off, she went into the temple her usual way - sneaking into the tiny backyard of an empty adjoining house, climbing up the balcony supports and onto the roof, unlocking the temple's window - with her obviously legal lockpicking set - and in she went. Into the typical dirty old attic that nobody ever goes into. Unless you are breaking in, of course.

The attic connected to the buildings rafters, which were high enough that if someone just happened to look up there was a good chance she wouldn't be seen. Not that she had ever actually seen anyone look up. But it was also high enough that if you fell off, there was an excellent chance of breaking your neck. Not that she had ever actually fallen off.

Climbing out onto a rafter, she headed for the room where the new protégés were being welcomed to the fold. This was the only part she had ever watched. Usually it was just two or three younger people, dressed in the typical knee-high, dark tan novice habit. They went single file to the deacon, bowed to him - to which the deacon lowered his head in return - and dipped the fingertips of their right hand into the small bowl of water on a pedestal in front of the deacon. The deacon then handed them a slip of paper and sent the novice on his way further into the building. Yansha always wondered what was on that slip of a paper. A powerful message? A cryptic warning? The way to their room?

Probably that last one.

She could easily follow the novice's, if she wanted to. And she definitely did want to. She started creeping along the rafter to get just a slightly closer look. If only she hadn't-


Hadn't promised him she wouldn't.
Turning, she looked at the said 'him' standing at the edge of the attic, whisper yelling at her.

"Come here, Yansha!"

Sighing, she made her way towards him. "Yeah, yeah, I'm coming, Felnar."

Felnar. Her oldest friend. He had also been accepted into the Watchers at an exceptionally young age. And was usually was a stickler for rules. Which was why he never let Yansha go any further into the temple.

Reaching the edge of the rafter, she hopped next to him and gave Felnar one of her famous glares. With him being tall as he was, it wasn't very effective. Tall, with blonde-copper hair. And a pair of the brightest blue eyes you've ever seen. Have you ever tried glaring at one of those people? It never works. Especially when they are wearing a religious habit.

"I was just taking a slightly closer look, Felnar. Don't worry."

"I'm always worrying about you. Give me a good reason not to," he said.

"Cause I'm adept at everything I do, that's why," Yansha smirked.

"I said give me a good reason."

"Hmph." She walked past him, plumped down on the dirty floor, and looked out the window she broke into. With a lot more grace, Felnar picked up a light chair and carried it across from her. After dusting it off with the edge of his sleeve, only then did he sit down. And smirked at her. Yansha rolled her eyes. "Rich kid," she muttered audibly.

"So, how is your day so far? Any notable thefts today?"

"No. I think the masses might be starting to realize to not mess with people I like."

Felnar laughed. "I should think so. Even the priests were talking about 'The Gray Shadow'."

Yansha looked at him. "The Gray Shadow? Seriously? That's the best they could come up with?"

He shrugged. "I didn't come up with it."


They stared out the window for a few minutes more, watching the people go by. Or rather, Felnar was watching the people go by. Yansha was watching the coin-purses, and thinking about the best way to get them.

Sighing, she got up. "Well, I should probably go and get some money before it gets dark. Father would be furious if I came home with nothing."

Felnar stood up as well. "Alright. I suppose I'll see you here tomorrow?"

"Yup, of course. Unless I drop dead or something."

He winced. "Don't say that. Stay safe, ok?"

Yansha grinned at him. "Always." Turning around, she promptly jumped out the window.

"Idiot. I hate when she does that."
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Light Fury
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Cape Starling

*G A H S P* I almost forgot about Yansha! Bad dragon. :(

Can't wait to read more!

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Dragon Egg

It's not like I've been proactive about it. XD

But yay! I'm actually working on it now. ^^
Those who see, cannot be. Those who are to be, cannot see. -Unknown

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Cape Starling

XD Yeah. True.

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