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What does your friends/family think of your addiction?
Topic Started: 18 Jun 2014, 23:42 (8463 Views)
Rocky Rose
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Deadly Nadder

My Mom supports my obsession, and my closest friends do, and even some friends who are in other fandoms... I guess I just got lucky... *looks at Dragons 2 poster and RoB and DoB DVDs..* Yep- I m obsessed
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Addicted to DRAGONS :D

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What do I put here again?

Seeing as I didn't make a serious response in my opinion, I'll say this: No one in my family knows how serious my obsession is. If I told them, they would know why I lock myself in my room all the time, but they don't care, so I am not telling. Other than MudkipStar, no one knows how deep the obsession runs.
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Night Fury

When I went to see HTTYD 2 with my mum, my dad, and my cousin yesterday, I saw my mum wiping away tears at Stoick's funeral. When the film finished, my cousin said that it was "better than he thought it would be." So I guess I've officially converted him to Dragons now? :D
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Dragon Egg

09 May 2014, 21:55
My family knows about my obsession and will tease me for it time to time, but I really don't mind. Ahh, the life a HTTYD fan.
We share the same blood ;)
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Most inactive ass in the fandom

-I'm one of the greatest jokes in our class because of my addicion. (Heheheh, ask Splash, she maybe trains you a dragon)

-My parents think my addicion moves into the unhealtly area, but the still buy me dragon stuff :D

- Friends? Forget it XD

But I think everyone can live with it :)
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mystery dragon, pic drawn by night fury fire. Thank you

26 Apr 2014, 06:40
My parents don't know anything about it. They would probably laugh about me.

Same here
Dragons, need I say more.

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Defender of Insanity and Master of Apologies

I have a few (small and cozy) social groups and a family unit...

My school friends mostly share my addiction, but not as much as me. In fact, remind me to post a fan-drawn Birthday invitation made by one of the said school friends - it is amazing!
My parents... Eh... They understand that I get into things like this... But it seems to them to be everything I talk about. Come on, I mean I only watch HTTYD once a day...
I have a friend who works in music (she's a fantastic Pianist...) who doesn't quite know how obsessed I am, but she has offered to play my fanmade composition for me to sing to and publish on YouTube. So, I think she's pretty understanding!
Some of my friends are bemused that I could ever get into anything more than Doctor Who. They are less understanding.
Then there's 'NerdCamp'... I go to this 2-3 times a year, and it is amazing. And, it turns out, most of the people there also share my obsession. And if they don't share that one, then they at least understand how someone can get so obsessed.

This has reminded me that I need to invite some friends into this... To the social life!

Did you miss me?
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Terrible Terror

Let's see...where to start...my family..my sister who's a cop has no idea and she lives out of state...my mother who threw all my toys etc away when I was 14 and lectures me about acting my age (I'm 32) doesn't know..I plan to keep it that way as she is dyeing of stage 4 Leung cancer and I kinda don't want to disappoint Her more in life....my roommate who is a high school teacher loves httyd as much as me..so does our friend who is also on this site and my partner also loves it but not to the extent I do.
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My parents are supportive and kinda meh about it at times. They'd much rather rent a redbox movie then watch How to train your dragon again. My brother isn't really a fan but does play the facebook game, mispronouncing the names of the dragons and gloating that his dragons beat my dragons.
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There were dragons, when I was a boy...

No one knows except all of you. My parents and family have no idea that I even remotely like HTTYD and I think I am going to keep it that way.
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