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Dreamworks: The Dragon Rebellion
Topic Started: 19 Feb 2019, 19:25 (491 Views)
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Dragon Egg

Hello and Welcome to my Very first Roleplay!

The Dragon World War was the Biggest and Hardest Conflict that Hiccup and The Dragon Riders around The Archipelago have ever seen and fought in.

Hairy Hooligan Tribe: Hiccup

Berserker Tribe: Dagur The Deranged

Defenders of The Wing: Mala

Wingmaidens: Atali

The Outcast Tribe: Alvin

Nepenthe: Mik

ThunderHead Tribe: Snorre The Vast ( Ounce an enemy, Now an ally.)

Northlander Tribe: Arngrim (Bad in the past, Now Good.)

Berserker's edge (Ounce called Valka's Mountain): Noble The Noble (Valka's Alpha who Survived the battle against Drago's.)

Counsil of Chilblain

Drago's alpha

Berserker Alpha

All of The Archipelago's Island and Dragons.

Including The Shellfire, Green Death, Purple Death, Foreverwing, Screaming Death, and The Bewilderbeast.

Aftermath: All Dragons and Tribes discover The Hidden world has a place for Both Humans and Dragons. They form the United Dragon-Viking nation in the Hidden world.

Hiccup becomes King of the united tribes.

Alvin and Other chiefs become Generals.

Dragon Enslavers or Axis:


Drago's Armies

Dragon Hunters

Dragon Trappers

Grimmel's Armies

Harald Forkbeard and the pirates

Nikora Stormheart and Her armies

Northern Markets

Cause of The Dragon World war:

Warlords and their allies sink all Berk's allies and Dragon islands into the sea.

I would love some Recruits to play the main Characters Hiccup, Astrid and the good guys of Httyd franchise that are still alive after the Hidden World film and some OCS as well for good and Evil.

One at a time:

Pick the character of Good and Evil.

Lastly, If There is any one who knows a Httyd good OC or Evil OC, Please Inbox me to tell me about them.

P.S. Only two Characters you can play One an existing Character and an OC.

Look forward to the Replies and Putting an end to The War Between Good and Evil.

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