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Posted: 23 Jan 2020, 22:03
by NightLightNadderWhip
"It's okay Astrid, Magin's just interrogating him," Hiccup explained, "besides, I wouldn't let bad anything happen."

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Posted: 24 Jan 2020, 20:58
by NightLightNadderWhip
Hiccup turned back to Cadell, "You say you work for Drago?" he asked, "But I defeated him."
Cadell sighed, yet more information he wasn't supposed to reveal was about to fall into the hands of the enemy, "You weakened him but you didn't defeat him. He hired Warlords to lead several dragon hunting operations in different sections of the world until he could build up his army again."
"Why wouldn't you tell us the truth from the beginning?" Hiccup continued.
"Drago would have me killed! And it certainly wouldn't be pleasant." Cadell explained.
A tall dark haired man with a strange tattoo on his chin stepped out of crowd, "He's telling the truth on that one, chief," he told Hiccup.
Hiccup nodded thoughtfully; Eret knew what he was talking about when it came to Drago.
After a few minutes of silence Hiccup spoke, "I've decided my verdict-- in both cases."
Cadell felt his stomach drop again.
Ottar tried to look calm but there was a trace of nervousness in his dark blue eyes.
"The dragon rider, Ottar, will be set free and nothing will be held against him."
Ottar heaved a sigh of relief.
"The dragon hunter, Cadell, will be held in jail for further interrogation."
Although Cadell didn't like the idea of being put in jail or more interrogation he knew that under the circumstances this was one of the best verdicts he could've hoped for.

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Posted: 28 Jan 2020, 01:16
by NightLightNadderWhip
"What!?" Ruffnut stood up on the table again, this time nearly tipping over in the process because she did it so hastily. "What do you mean you're gonna let Ottar go? He's our prisoner! He was tryin' to sneak into New Berk! I'll bet he's gonna lead Dragon Hunters right to us!"
"Ruffnut--" Hiccup tried to get a word in but Ruffnut just ignored him.
"I'll bet he's a spy just like that kid!" she pointed at Cadell who looked like he wanted to disappear.
"You might bet," Ottar said with restored confidence, "but you can't prove anything."
"Sure we can, I'm sure you slipped up somewhere," she smirked triumphantly, "right Tuff?"

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Posted: 28 Jan 2020, 14:23
by Dragonrider's Fury
"You bet that's right!" Tuffnut exclaimed. "You just look out, Mister," he leaned, attempting to look imposing, closer to Ottar, "because Thorston and Thorston, sleuths extraordinaire, are on your case, and never once have they failed. Isn't that right, O sister of mine?"

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Posted: 29 Jan 2020, 00:52
by NightLightNadderWhip
"Tis true, dear brother," Ruffnut confirmed. She glared at Ottar and for extra emphasis repeated herself in her most menacing voice, "tis true."

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Posted: 29 Jan 2020, 18:42
by ToothlessNightFury
Deep in a forest on an Island far from the rest, a white dragon was perched on its nest. All was quiet, and not a sound could be heard, not the screech of a Skrill, or a terror for sure. The sun was rising, the dawn of a new day, an eventful one, some would say.

This dragon, was white, with sky-blue eyes and glittering textures along her scales. She had a light icy blue belly, and a single, long spine running down her back, a pair of big ear-like adapters on the top of her head, and two smaller ones on the side. She also has triangular wing flukes and tail flukes that are glittery white in coloration. Her wings are glittery white and ice blue and pink strips running down both of them. A Frost Fury. Rare, and only found on the island.

“Kelii,” Whispered a voice, Below the rocky formation, stood a young woman, hair white blonde, and tied into a long braid. Her clothes were pale blue, a sort of off the shoulder look to her sheer sleeves, that almost blended with her skin. A skirt that went down to her knees, also sheer matched, and had sparkling ice crystals. Underneath could be scene a greyish blue pair of legging like clothing. She wore no shoes, for she was used to the forest floor. The girl’s name. Eira. She called again to the dragon, "Ah, ah, ah, ah"

Eira you see, was raised by dragons. Kelii’s family to be exact. She has some fragments of her human parents, but not too many. She knows they were part of a tribe or kingdom of sorts, the Chief and Chieftess (or king and queen depending on how you looked at it) of the tribe to be exact. Her dragon parents too were the leaders of the dragons on the island. Many called her a Princess of two worlds. Though she preferred not to be called a Princess. The tribe had always known she was hidden with the dragons. For her protection after her human parents were lost. Until a threat came to the island, a man had claimed to be helping, but really, he was pure evil. He set fire to the kingdom, and killed her the father she knew, her’s and Kelii’s dragon father.

She often went between the tribe and her home -with the dragons. Eira’s tribe was one of the few that still protected dragons in her land. Hunting of dragons was forbidden, and punishable by treason. Eira was one of the few that could speak with the dragons, a trait, she had gotten due to being raised by them, but also one that only few on the island could ever master.

She was out in the forest, avoiding duties of the humans. Kelii jumped down from her perch, curiously eying Eira. “You’re up early. Not usual for you.”

Eira scratched Kelii’s ears, “Only because the attendant says I had to. But don’t worry. He won’t know I’m gone until I don’t show up for breakfast.”

Kelii gave a small laugh, “You know you’re going to have to accept sooner or later that you and I are both going to have to take our leadership positions.” She got into a position so that Eira could climb on her back. “But that doesn’t have to stop us from Flying.”

With a grin, Eira jumped on to her dragon sister’s back, no saddle, just free flying. “Well then We don’t want to miss the sun rise, do we?” She held on tight, as Kelii leapt into the air.

The two soared, high into the clouds the fresh morning air felt cool to Eira’s skin, but perfect. Once they were high in the air, she lifted her arms out feeling the wind soar, flowing through her dress and hair. She pulled out her braid, her hair falling down to her shoulders and flowing in the wind. She smiled with a sigh, she truly did look like she belonged here with the dragons.

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Posted: 04 Feb 2020, 13:56
by NightLightNadderWhip
The door to Hiccup's hut burst open and in bounded Toothless followed by Hiccup who held the door open for his guests coming in single file, Magin, Lucretia, Ottar, and even Venomjaw. The room was a bit cramped it must be admitted, after all there were four people and two dragons inside. Ottar had offered to have Venomjaw stay outside but Hiccup refused; if the villagers saw a Deathgripper outside, free to roam about, they'd be sure to have a fit.
Toothless immediately rushed over to the fireplace and started a fresh fire so the humans would have light. After his job was done he curled up next to Hiccup's chair and closed his eyes. Everyone was tired but there was no use in going to sleep now, the sun was already starting to peek up over the horizon.
Hiccup and his guests sat around the fire. After sitting in silence for a moment Hiccup turned to Ottar, "So what do you know about Night Furies?" he asked.
"I'm guessing you mean about the fact that there are more Night Furies than just Toothless? Well, my information may be a bit out of date," Ottar warned him, "Most Night Furies live far from the archipelago from which you came."
"But I've been outside the archipelago and haven't found a trace of them."
Ottar shrugged, "I left Grimmel's forces when I was 19--I'm now 23--so I've been out of the loop for a few years. But, I highly, highly, doubt Grimmel could've hunted the Night Fury population down so much in only 4 years."
"Do you know what a Night Fury's preferred habitat is?" Hiccup questioned.
"They like high altitudes," Ottar recalled, "and mountain ranges. But they can thrive in lower altitudes as well. Really they're good at adapting to their surroundings; they could live just about anywhere. The only place I doubt you'd find any would be somewhere where the only season is winter. Due to their coloration prey could see them coming a mile away. Although," he added, "I suppose if they hunted only at night and were extremely stealthy about it they could survive. Would they want to attempt it? Now that might be a different story."

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Posted: 10 Feb 2020, 17:05
by NightLightNadderWhip
Cadell sulked as he looked out at the world through bars. The jail only had one cell finished, and, of course, that was the one he was in. The villagers had hastily made it after they heard Chief Hiccup's verdict. Until it was done Cadell had been shackled and thrown into an empty cage in one of the stables. It made the villagers nervous to have a Dragon Hunter locked up with their dragons--and in all honesty it made Cadell nervous too, he would much rather see dragons in cages while he looked in at them from the other side not the other way around--so they finished the cell quickly.
Cadell glared at the man guarding his cell who was fiddling with his dagger. How dare he? That dagger was the only thing Cadell had left of his home -- Drago had forced his village to supply the boys going into his army with weapons.
Drago. Oh, he was going to be mad. Cadell was certain he was sick of waiting by now, if there's one thing Drago lacked, other then, perhaps, compassion, it was patients. And to make matters worse he had failed; Drago had no room for failures in his army. Cadell knew all too well what Drago did to people who didn't carry out his wishes perfectly. He shuddered at the thought.

And Cadell was right. Drago was sick of waiting for him. He was barking out orders to another Hunter, "If that boy isn't back within the hour you're going in to find him."
"Yes sir," the Hunter nodded, "and what should I do with him?"
"Bring him here alive," Drago smirked.
The Hunter bowed to acknowledge Drago's wishes.
Just then another Hunter came rushing up to Drago, "A dragon," he panted, "it looks kind of like a Light Fury, is coming this way!"
"Well get it," Drago growled.
"Yes sir," the Hunter said before rushing over to the traps.

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Posted: 11 Feb 2020, 02:59
by ToothlessNightFury
Eira sat on Kelii's back, her arms were stretched out letting the wind flow around them. She breathed in the fresh air as the two soared above the clouds. Kelii was enjoying this just as much as Eira as she spun the two in a circle, and dove in and out of the clouds like a dolphin would the waves.

The two sisters were happy, up here in the skies, oh how Eira wished she could stay with the dragons forever. But alas, they should be heading back soon. But, that didn't mean they couldn't make this day trip last a little longer. Kelii dove back out of the clouds, if any of the guards from their home had followed them they'd surely see them, but that was the least of Eira's worries. She trusted the ships she could see. Who else knew about their hidden land?

As Kelii evened out to fly straight again Eira carefully stood up, taking care not to slip as she walked along the dragon's back towards her tail. They'd done this many times as children. Eira tied her hair into a braid standing at Kelii's tail with her arms stretched out.

"Are you ready?!" She called to Kelii, once the dragon nodded, Eira took a deep breath, backed up a little, and with a running start she dove off the dragon's back.

Kelii shifted into a diving position again, wings folded back as she flew next to her human sister, giving her a toothless grin. With a swift motion, Kelii caught Eira on her back, resulting in them gliding against the water. Kelii started flying back up higher towards the sky again, when suddenly her mood shifted.

Eira sensed it immediately. Had they flown too far? The water was choppy, and the skies were darker. Maybe a storm was coming

"Kelii," She said to the dragon. She suddenly didn't like the looks of those ships. "Fly down there" She looked, as they got closer, laying flat across the dragon so as not to be scene... Why did those ships look so familiar? "Let's get out of here" She said to the dragon once she got a closer look at the ships.

As the two started to fly away, Eira caught sight as a net of some sort shot up towards them. "Kelii go now!" She instructed, but it was too late. As Kelii tried to dodge the net, Eira was sent flying into the sea. "Nooooo!" She called before plummeting to the cold ocean, watching as the net tangled around Kelii sending her into the waters as well. Eira swam to the surface, took in a breath of air, and dove back into the water trying to free her sister.

Kelii was trying to nudge her away, as Eira tried to free the trip. If only she had something sharp. She couldn't hold her breath for long, but it only worsened when something swam past Eira, hitting her in the head, knocking her unconscious, with her last sight of Kelii calling to her as the net pulled the dragon to the surface, and something or someone else was diving down after her.

* * * * *

Eira woke with a start. She looked around, to find herself, not in the water, but in her room. Had it all been a dream? She sat up, "Kelii?" She called, usually, the dragon slept in the castle like building, in her room to be exact. She looked outside, knowing well something was wrong. She ran out of her room, startling a guard.

"Where is my sister?" She asked grabbing the guard by the collar. She could easily take one of them down. Growing up with the dragons would do that to someone. And they all knew it.

"Miss I don't-" he started, but was cut of off by her Attendant,

"Your majesty," He had a solemn look in his eyes. "Rider found the two of you, in an ambush against dragon trappers. He rescued you, but could not reach the dragon" (Rider was the boy whom she'd met only a year ago when she first discovered her home tribe)

Eira's face hardened. Dragon Trappers. She'd known all too well what they were like. As did Rider who had once been tricked by them himself. "Where is Rider now?" She demanded.

"He went out to look for the dragon." her attendant replied, before he could finish speaking, the doors of the hall way burst open, with Rider, looking lost.

"Eira!" He ran to her, holding her in his arms a moment, before telling her the news. "I'm so sorry. We couldn't find Kelii, not even the dragons in the forest have seen her." Rider was one of the few Eira had shown her home to. He knew how important the dragons were to her. He was truly the only human who had hers and the dragon's full trust. She pushed away from his hug, with a determined look on her face.

"Ready the ships." She demanded. "I'm going out to look for her." She was already turning back to her room, to gather a dark blue coat, with the symbol of the tribe -A snow flake with a dragon flying through it- and matching boots. If she was going to wear shoes, they were going to be ones that she'd grown to like most.

"Your majesty." the attendant protested, "You can't leave! You need rest! You have duties! And a wedding to plan! Surely that dragon can wait!"

Both Eira and Rider turned to look at the attendant. Eira marched up to him. If looks could kill the poor man would regret his words. "That Dragon, happens to be my sister. And Nothing, is more important to me than finding her, and who ever did this. If you stand in my way it is punishable by treason." She grabbed a spear that was hanging on the wall. -her weapon of choice from back in the forest. - and continued walking. "I will Not let the dragon trappers destroy my home Or try to separate my family again"

"The wedding can wait" Rider agreed, following Eira out as she headed down the hallway through the doors. "We can take my ship, I'll tell the guards to get their dragons ready." He hurried passed her.

"But who will look after the island and castle while you are gone? Someone has to stay here. You are next inline for the thrown! After you there is no one! Please Princess" The attendant continued to pester. Eira turned around pointing the spear at him.

"Don't call me that." She glared. "The dragons will protect the island. My human grandmother -the village elder and Your former queen, will look after everything the dragons can not until I return." She ran down the stairs, with the others following her. " Until then The island and castle is on lock down. No one is to be allowed in or out until we return." She stopped walking and turned around again with a hard stare. "Are. We. Clear?"

With a sigh, the attendant nodded, "Yes. Miss Eira." With that she turned, and continued walking outside to the docks. She was going to find whoever captured Kelii, and she was not going to let them escape like the ones who were here before.

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Posted: 12 Feb 2020, 22:56
by NightLightNadderWhip
Hiccup and Toothless, along with Magin, Lucretia, Ottar, and Venomjaw, progressed their way through the streets of New Berk. They were on their way to the jail to further interrogate the prisoner. Hiccup hoped that in a setting with far less people Cadell would feel a bit more comfortable explaining some things.

Meanwhile, Cadell was trying to think up a way to distract the guard, get his metal handcuffs off, and unlock the cell door. He had figured out the last part, the brooch that he wore with the Dragon Hunter's emblem on it, if he took that off perhaps he could use the sharp pin to pick the lock. Alas he still had the other two phases of the plan to figure out first.
Then he saw the Chief and his Night Fury, followed by the boy who had interrogated him yesterday, the green-eyed blonde girl who had been at the trial, and the man who had also been a prisoner yesterday--Ottar--come up and exchange a few words with guard before making their way toward him. The guard walked away and Ottar took his place, Cadell assumed they were giving him a short break.
"So," the Chief said to Cadell, "how did Drago know about New Berk?"
"What are you going to do to me?" Cadell asked instead of answering the Chief.
"What do mean?" Hiccup questioned.
"I'm your enemy," Cadell reminded him, "once you get all the information you want out of me you're free to..." his voice trailed off, "get rid of me."
"We don't kill prisoners after they've given us information, if that's what you're thinking," Hiccup explained.
Cadell raised an eyebrow.
"Ignore the twins," Hiccup sighed, "we won't let them do anything. Now," he changed the subject, "how did Drago know about us?"
Cadell sighed, thinking for a minute, unless the Chief was lying it wouldn't be a total waste to give him the information he wanted, but then again what if he was lying? It was worth a shot though, if he didn't give up information--he glanced at the boy who had interrogated him earlier--he might not live very long anyways. "Some of Drago's scouts spotted some dragons and they had riders so he had me follow them," he mumbled out the most basic of facts.