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Topic Started: 07 May 2014, 15:46 (39677 Views)
The Norse Nerd
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Yeah I think they are cousins I mean it says so in the books. DreamWorks wouldn't change THAT much would they?

I don't ship Hiccstrid, deal with it (◡‿◡✿)


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In the movie universe, I don't think so. But in the books, Stoick and Baggybum the Beer Belly are brothers, so Snotlout and Hic are cousins. Snotlout is a huuuuuuuuge meanie to Hiccup until the eleventh book, but with that I will not go deeper into.

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[color=blue]I'm just here for Snotlout.

SoD's website said they were so...

I like the idea of them being related though...
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SoD website says so…
The old httyd website says so…
They're both made by Dreamworks...
So it's True...
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im just kinda here well occasionally

I don't think so because in Thawfest apparantly the Jorgensons have always beat Hiccup's family so thy are separate
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Unless they say so in the third movie, I won't believe it. It was true in the books, but was never mentioned in the movies, so I'm assuming they're not related.

If Dreamworks really wants them to be related, they should have said so in the first movie. When Hiccup was introducing the other teens, he called all of them by name, with Astrid being the only one who stood out, since he practically melted at the mere sight of her. He should have said, "Oh, and there's Fishlegs, my cousin Snotlout," etc.
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Aphmau is the best!

I agree with you, Dragon, he would have mentioned that in the first movie instead of saying everyone's name separately
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Honestly, I'd believe they are. Various people have said it said so on the official site, so I'm not going to argue.
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I take the "they might be" route.

The Haddocks and the Jorgensons are separate clans, and as far as I know, the clans are based on the male lineage, so it's highly unlikely that Stoick and Spitelout are brothers. However, Valka could, in theory, originally be from the Jorgenson clan as Spitelout's sister. Or, Stoick could have a sister who is Snotty's mom.

There's nothing canon to disprove it, and it is a kind of neat dynamic to think about.
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Dragon Not Egg

Honestly, Spitelout and Stoick do have a very sibling rivalry vibe (as do Snotlout and Hiccup, actually). They never explicitly mentioned it, but I still like to think of them as brothers. :stoick: :snotlout:
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