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Favorite HTTYD soundtrack cue
Topic Started: 29 Apr 2014, 19:23 (2983 Views)
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Blacksmith Apprentice

The fact is, practically every song in the album is noteworthy! Obviously, Test Drive is a clear winner, but I find it's even more powerful along with the visuals (the same goes for Forbidden Friendship). I feel that New Tail and See You Tomorrow are much stronger stand-alone pieces, but of course they're definitely enhanced by the actual scenes. I consider these four songs the "core four" because they're sequential and they keep the middle of the movie moving forward.

New Tail is a personal favorite, because it weaves Hiccup's theme (also heard in The Downed Dragon and Ready the Ships) and the adventurous theme (heard in This is Berk, This Time for Sure, and Astrid Goes For a Spin). Moreover, both themes are portrayed in their strongest form in New Tail. Maybe I'm just biased because it's the only track I can play in its entirety on guitar. :$
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im just kinda here well occasionally

I have no idea what it's called but i like the one during Toothless and Hiccup's first flight… when he flies without using the cheat sheet? I think it's 'test flight'

and of course sticks and stones
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Monstrous Nightmare

01 May 2014, 00:26
I have no idea what it's called but i like the one during Toothless and Hiccup's first flight… when he flies without using the cheat sheet? I think it's 'test flight'

and of course sticks and stones
Test Drive, I think you mean. :D
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1) Romantic Flight
2) Where's Hiccup
3) Test Drive
4) See You Tomorrow

Uff da, yo.
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the unholy offspring of lightning and death itself

Top five 1. Test drive
2. Forbidden friendship
3. Romantic flight
4. This is berk
5. Where's hiccup ( so sad )

And see you tommorow gets a honorable mention

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I like big books and I cannot lie.

All of them! My whole household goes around singing Sticks And Stones (minus parents)
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Dragon Egg

Here are mine! -
Forbidden Friendship
Test Drive
See You Tomorrow
Romantic Flight
Coming Back Around
Where's Hiccup?

Spoiler: click to toggle
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Terrible Terror

1. Forbidden Friendship
This piece of music is not only my favourite HTTYD soundtrack cue, it's the best thing I've ever listened to. Whenever I hear this song I start crying just because it's beautiful.
2. Test Drive
The Test Drive theme fits perfect to the scene. It gives you the Feeling of flying, but still sounds powerful enough to be a dragon's theme. Many other "Flying Themes" are calmer and less powerful, so they fit birds more and a song like e. g. "Flying" from the "Rio" score, would have sounded weird for Toothless' flight.
3. The Downed Dragon
This cue gives me chills whenever I listen to it. It has the right amount of tension for the first meeting of Hiccup and Toothless.

Night Fury: The unholy offspring of lightning and death itself.
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Dragon fan in Hong Kong
[b](Above this title is a very dorky Hiccup.)

(I can't pick a top 5 so I'll go with whatever number of tracks that I could think of. Sorry for that.)

13 favourite tracks in the soundtrack(in no particular order):
1. Test Drive
2. Forbidden Friendship
3. Coming Back Around
4. This is Berk
5. Romantic Flight
6. New Tail
7. Astrid Goes For A Spin
8. The Cove
9. Battle of The Green Death (We all know is the Red Death, but John Powell just have to forget that.)
10. This Time For Sure
11. Not So Fireproof
12. See You Tomorrow
13. Sticks And Stones
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(As Not Seen on TV)

With respect to the movie: "Forbidden Friendship"

Independently from the movie: "The Kill Ring" (because it's just so well written in multiple viewpoints)
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