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Interview the How to Train Your Dragon 2 Game designers!

Posted: 25 May 2014, 19:27
by Tessem7
25 May 2014, 21:38
Hmmm... "Two unlockable secret characters", eh? *cough* Drago and Eret *cough*
That's what I've been thinking about. Drago is already confirmed to at least own dragons from the trailers and the toy line. But what about Eret? If Eret is another unlockable character in the game, then wouldn't that mean that he rides a dragon in the movie? I think it's cool that Eret might go from trapping dragons to riding dragons in the movie (or maybe he always liked dragons and trained them in secret and didn't want Drago to find out). The other possibility would be unlocking Stoick, Valka, or even Gobber.