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Hiccup Vs Eret [Deleted Scene!]
Topic Started: 16 Oct 2014, 18:52 (1723 Views)
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It's not that bad... I would still love to have the scene but nothing's perfect. :P
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Raw Vikingness

It was a pretty fun scene. It allowed Hiccup (and to a lesser extent Astrid) to show off their sharp wit. It also included some of Hiccup getting the better of Eret as was originally rumored to be more of a recurring theme than it was in the finished movie.

I can see why it was cut though. It ultimately doesn't add much to the story as a whole.
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OMG Sasscup!
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Some of y'all may not know but I have a YouTube channel under the name DragonBassist and due to a request I have been trying to upload just the deleted scene with no kid or any other stuff JUST the deleted scene.
It is impossible! The second it goes up, instantly blocked worldwide no matter what I do so, to not incur the wrath of the FOX legal team, I will stop :/ No matter cause you can see the scene anyway heh!

I'd love to see this scene actually animated but I don't really mind not seeing this scene in the movie. Don't like the screams from Eret but the scene is nice!
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Wouldn't mind seeing this scene in the actual movie. It was actually pretty fun. Oh well, can't win it all I guess...
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mystery dragon, pic drawn by night fury fire. Thank you

It was a good scene. But I didn't care for Eret's screaming.
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twelve days north of hopeless

16 Oct 2014, 22:44
For that alone I'm glad they left it out. -_-
It was almost inhuman, I started laughing. It would've sounded really weird in the theater.
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Night fury fire
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I would have loved that scene. It would have been epic :(
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It annoys me that this was cut from the movie. :(
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