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[MAJOR SPOILERS] My opinions on HTTYD3 - DO NOT READ if you haven
Topic Started: 04 Jan 2019, 10:00 (2339 Views)
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What should I put here..

I personally enjoyed the film, the years it's taken for the trilogy to end has come to a good end in my eyes and I left the cinema astonished and amazed by the trilogy of the films and not just the third. I went in there to not see what happens in HTTYD 3 but to end the story of the franchise as a whole. There were some downsides to the film but I am getting the feeling most people are going in to watch it to see what happens to hiccup and toothless in the ending.

For me... the ending was all that I wanted. I was afraid they would try and milk it and bait us out by not letting the berkians and dragons seperate and keeping them together which would be a cheat way to end the franchise but I was thankful deblois avoided that. I loved that they separated and the bittersweet ending was great in my opinion. And don't get me started on that scene where they meet again but have kids! That was a great little nod to the ending and to let the viewers know what happened after :)

Overall I enjoyed the film and I loved the entire franchise. After watching the first one when I was 10ish, I'm sad to see the movies are finished and I'm 18 now.. this franchise has left a hole in my heart and I'm sad to see it finish and I know the final material we'll be getting is that final series.

Although this will be contested... I hope no more series (after the next one) or movies get made, the ending was good enough and I feel it's best to put it to rest on a positive note in a beautiful ending rather than dig up its remains and start adding more bones to the complete skeleton.

Thank you dreamworks...thank you deblois... <3 <3 :$
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I happen to agree with pretty much everything LawOfTheSeas and NightFury2001 has said, and can go on and on at length about all of the plot holes and unusual personality changes that just HAD to be grafted in to somehow make this story work.

Overall, this movie's story seemed lazy in how it reached a conclusion; replacing the characters' intelligence with unusual preoccupations for romance, and the experience and events of the entire TV series was completely ignored.

Stoick was reduced to an unimportant memory with no apparent legacy, Valka and even Astrid simply seemed to "be there" without contributing much, and the "slapstick comedy" element was natural in the TV series, but seemed forced and fake in the movie. It's like everyone had a different personality, that could only steer the story to the one conclusion as lazily as possible.

I hadn't even "noticed" the soundtrack, but it was close to 50 degrees Celsius on the 3rd of January, so maybe I was distracted.

What generally bothers me the most, is that I've seen a lot of glowing reviews that seemed off to me, and that some other fans on YouTube who have reviewed this movie weren't very convincing when they said that they liked it. It's okay not to like a movie, even when you're a fan - be honest!
Normally I don't read or watch movie reviews, so maybe this is "normal" but it still bothered me.

The movie was certainly beautifully animated. I'd watch it again and don't "hate" it, but everything that was released before will still be my favourite. Perhaps "The Hidden World" was just a telling of a weird vivid morning dream that didn't quite make sense, or set in an alternate universe... it's possible!
Only saw the movies and TV series a few months ago. "Slowpoke.jpg" :) Will need to see Gobber the dentist, soon.
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03 Jan 2019, 13:27
In conclusion (for now), HTTYD >> HTTYD: THW >>>> HTTYD 2. And honestly, that's all I wanted.
I agree with everything you're saying there. It seems that the majority of people think that HTTYD2 beats THW, but I really felt like the second was trying to do far too much and didn't really do anything that well. It didn't help that I was badly spoiled by the trailers, which I then avoided like the plague for THW.

It doesn't top the first, for sure, but it felt like THW went back to its strengths and focused more on the Hiccup-Toothless relationship, left some scenes time to breathe and wasn't afraid to have sequences with no dialogue (I really loved the Forbidden Friendship redux). The franchise has never done fantastic villains, but Grimmel was a step up from Drago for me, and at least emblematic that greedy/xenophobic humans will always find a way as the major catalyst for the dragons to go away.

There are elements I can be critical of around the ending, for sure. But in the moment, I can buy it, and it tugs at the heartstrings quite successfully - tempered somewhat by the epilogue.

Overall, as much as I'd like to see more, I'm satisfied with it as an ending to the trilogy. I don't think any sequel could top the first (or indeed any movie so far, for me) because you can't have the magic of kindling that relationship again. But I enjoyed it quite a bit more than the second.
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Toothless did take to long to recognize Hiccup, IMO. I get that he was in "protective mode", but I wish he had landed on the ship, stared, then kinda stalled, started, like he was thinking "Wait... Could it be?" then knew for sure when Hiccup put his hand out :ermm:

I like to think that the Toothless cloaking is an alpha thing to be used for emergencies
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Terrible Terror

It breaks the flow of the first two films.
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