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[THEORY] Where are Night Furies from?
Topic Started: 21 Feb 2019, 10:16 (1676 Views)
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Deadly Nadder

In Hello Future Me’s video about Night Furies (here) he suggests that they most likely come from a slightly warmer climate. I would personally estimate that Night Furies come from Britain (like me :P) for three main reasons:

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2. In comparison with the rest of the world, Britain is a tiny island. The Romans doubted that it existed, so it could easily be overlooked. I would also suggest that this is the only location in which Night Furies can be found, and this might explain their rarity. There are only so many that could fit onto a small island, after all.

3. As I said, Hello Future Me suggested that Night Furies probably come from a slightly warmer location. Britain is not as cold as Scandinavia, but it isn’t as hot as Spain, for example. It’s more of a temperate climate.

I think I’ve made some good points, but for all I know, they might be from another temperate area such as Germany, or they might come from Spain, so I want to know what you think!
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Terrible Terror

I think they are probably native to the Hidden World.
Night Fury
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Dragonrider's Fury
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14 Mar 2019, 18:39
I think they are probably native to the Hidden World.
Supposedly all dragons are native to the Hidden World (although I don't personally accept that), so I don't think that really counts, y'know?

Booky's points are pretty good, although I don't believe they could only be found in Britain. Despite what Grimmel says, Night Furies are shown to be very strong flyers, so although they may have originated there, I think they logically would have spread out significantly. Especially as territory got claimed and they continued to reproduce. It's never really shown just how territorial Night Furies are, but given their deadly armament and prowess, it seems logical to me that they'd be largely solitary.

Of course, you could swing that the other way, too: It's never really shown just how territorial Night Furies are, but given how Toothless works together with the other riders and their dragons, it seems logical that they would be very interdependent, forming colonies. We just don't know enough to say. Still, pretty good theory. ;)
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