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Hiccup and Toothless; and the true meaning of their friendship, Homecoming, and that last scene
Topic Started: 15 Jul 2020, 22:03 (468 Views)
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Before I start this post, I would like to explain its purpose and meaning.
This fandom is full of people who will indeed support this opinion no matter what directors or people “in charge” say.
Because ultimately it is the fandom that shapes the franchise. Without the people including myself who love HTTYD, there would be no fandom. The points I am going to elaborate on have been carefully thought out, and after watching key scenes from the film, as well as analysis of the script, character actions, dialogue and more, I have drawn some conclusions. Conclusions which I am sure that people in this fandom will indeed agree with.
It’s clear already that hiccup and toothless share an undeniably unbreakable bond. That bond has always been more of a physical one than anything else; and there is plentiful evidence to emphasise this throughout the franchise- focusing in depth on the third film, homecoming and indeed snoggletog log.
Firstly I would like to draw upon the idea that the core element of this franchise is indeed hiccup and toothless.
Gave toothless his flight back
Cares for him
Protects him
Was the first Viking reinforcing an positive change within society
And most importantly, loves toothless unconditionally.
These points are the same for toothless.
Which is why their relationship is the strongest in the franchise.
Not toothless/LF or anything else, for that matter. The very fact that hiccup touches toothless’ snout is a reference to making peace. The beginning of a new era between humans and dragons. Hiccup and toothless are the sole reason why coexistence is possible.
Coexistence. This is what we, as fans, really all want. No one can honestly say that they want hiccup and toothless, or dragons and vikings, apart for that matter.
And at the end of the film, this is something toothless makes hiccup realise.
This same gesture is repeated at the end of the film. Toothless wants peace between humans and dragons; and this gesture is seemingly just that- the beginning of a new generation. When hiccups kids touch toothless, we realise that this is exactly what toothless wanted.
And notice the expression hiccup shows.
A smile. When toothless repeats the gesture. Perhaps… this is the moment. The toothless we know would never deny an opportunity to go back to his best buddy. This is evident despite what directors say.
There is a saying; it’s not what you think, it’s what you do. Both toothless and hiccup long for coexistence between their species, and this point can be reinforced in a number of ways including toothless’ actions when he returns from the Hidden world with Hiccup midway through the film. Toothless is upset at the fact that the light fury is not there with him, he wants co existence and for the light fury to connect with hiccup.
Toothless doesn’t want hiccup to not be at his side. The stage directions clearly say that he gestures from the light fury to hiccup, saying “my home”. Never once does toothless outright state that his home is the hidden world. He in fact states the opposite. As before the concept of human dragon coexistence is toothless as it is hiccup’s.
Even in the separation scene at the end, it is not permanent. And it is again toothless who does something to fix that. The concept is universal. When one friend does something the other doesn’t or wouldn’t want, the other tries his hardest to recitify it and return to the way they once were. It’s like an argument; all arguments between friends are resolved over time. The actual dialogue from the film, specifically toothless and what he says to hiccup, indicates a strong sense of resentment and ultimately disappointment at hiccup’s actions at letting him go. Toothless doesn’t want to, and this is what he says;
Hiccup: ...Lead them to the hidden world
Toothless: but, why? (Confused/unsure)
Hiccup: you’ll be safer there… safer than you could ever be with me…
Toothless: No (indicating… if you let me go, I will return.)
Toothless (hugging hiccup): I don’t want to leave you…
While many people were upset at this seemingly indefinite separation, I can assure you that it is not. The epilogue scene at the end, it’s meaning, it’s real meaning symbolises hope, optimism and a promise of a new era of dragons and Viking’s: references by the hand to snout touch. Sometimes actions speak volumes; not words. The fact that the two alphas, hiccup and toothless are there together to witness this reformation of bonds between dragons and Viking’s says only one thing. We are ready. This leads me to my next point; how is this all possible? Well, it lies on a fundamental principle of science, chemistry. Chemistry is the fundamental science; why shouldn’t it apply to universal situations?
Le Chateliers Principle states that when an change occurs; the reverse will happen in order to counteract that change and restore an equilibrium, an restoration of balance. None of the dragons wanted to leave including toothless, and he knew that. Toothless was not okay with leaving. Which is why toothless comes back at the end. I am sure people will agree with this. The toothless we know would do exactly this.
And further emphasis on this point. When toothless reunited with hiccup in the epilogue, he seemed the happiest I personally have ever seen him. Why would he, after that, personally choose to leave hiccup again?
I think he decided to stay permanently the minute he recognised hiccup; because this is the moment he was waiting for. For ten years. Ten years is an long time.
In homecoming, we get definite proof of this fact.
Toothless sits, alone, drawing hiccup. At first this drawing is just of hiccup, symbolically speaking “I wish I was with you…”. This speaks volumes.
Toothless has been with the light fury for ten years, and yet he isn’t really happy in that position. Indicating that toothless wants to go back. Hiccup even says “he’s my best bud… I want him to be happy.” Toothless’ happiness is found in hiccup. And then, toothless does something spectacular. If you closely notice and analyse the details, toothless, himself, with no hesitation, draws a bold line in the sand. The symbolism of this is extremely important. He draws it going from Toothless to hiccup. Symbolic of two things. The first, toothless seeks to rectify the dragon migration to the hidden world. Note that migrations aren’t permanent. And two, it is not a drawing of toothless and his family. It is of him and hiccup. It is implying he will get back to hiccup no matter what. Toothless will not give up. Also, it signifies the reverse of the separation. Toothless, being the alpha of all dragons symbolises dragon kind. Hiccup symbolises the berkians. Dragons will therefore go back to the berkians. And this is what I love about toothless; his drive to get back to his best friend. Also, something else. At the end people might argue toothless left (in homecoming). Actually he didn’t himself. The light fury insisted on it. This is the scene when he was with zephyr. The way he looked at her after was as if to say, I will come back to you/the berkians, for good. The very fact the alpha witnessed an attempt by the berkians to spread good opinions on dragons; I think that was that initial confirmation from toothless that he wants to completely return.
Also, I would like to say that one of the soundtracks at the end of HTTYD 3 used is coming back around. This soundtrack symbolises the beginning of a new age, much like it did in the first HTTYD.
Please comment, and I really hope this post spreads this positive idea among the fandom.
That hiccup and toothless are better not apart, but together.
“We can do this… me and you… as one”
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WOW! This is amazingly well thought-out. You make very strong, excellent points. A lot of which, I hadn't considered. Thank you! :)
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I struggle to wrap my mind around the conclusion of THW. It just feels . . . wrong. Like, they really forced the message of "growing up means sometimes we need to make hard decisions to protect those we love." Like, no. That's not been the conclusion of the previous two movies, and it felt forced in the third.

The first movie asked the question, "how do you find your place in the world?" and different characters had different answers. In the end, Hiccup and Toothless each decided that their place in the world was with each other. The other Berkians and many dragons followed suit.

The second movie asked that question again, and it shows even more strongly as Hiccup and Toothless both are pushed into roles as leaders of their own kinds, but they still conclude that they're better together.

Then, we've got the third movie. It seems to ask the question, "How should society adapt to changes?" and then concludes that they need to make hard decisions and separate from the dragons because society won't adapt.

So yeah. I think that's why the third movie just feels wrong.

UNLESS they reunite at the end, that is.

So I agree with you 100%. If they never reunite, the franchise's themes are all messed up and wonky. I choose to believe that despite what we're being told, they absolutely reunite.
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