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Runes and translations!
Topic Started: 25 Jun 2016, 18:34 (1226 Views)
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Dragon Egg

Hello everyone!

Just been watching the new series (limited myself to 3 eps so far... Loving it!!) and noticed the runic message on the wall.

As I've just taught a Saxon runes day it caught my eye... But I couldn't figure it out. And Fishlegs didn't do it for me either!

I tried to screenshot but can't upload, so it's about 18:03 in S3e3

Can anyone help me out?

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Dragon Egg

The best I've come up with are:

hih shords brandiswed swi --------- hill be swattered s -------ts hill be splint ------ hind he hehebooda


wiw swords brandisehed swi -------- will be swattered s -------ts will be splint ----- wind we wewebooda

The ----- are words blocked by :fishlegs:
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Fearless Hungarian Hofferson
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Dragon Egg

I kinda figure it out, but I still have few words that i can't decipher. So here's my result (so far).

"With swords brandished shields will be shattered, shafts will be splint, thd(maybe "and"?) the wind the veveboada(?)"

P.S.: I haven't seen the episode, so maybe there some other hints later in, that can help solve the mystery behind the text.
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I know this is four years late but I think we've encountered a dead end here. Perhaps this could be an easter egg which could lead to a prize, but for a netflix television series, that's highly unlikely, and if it were true, someone would have already figured it out, they always do. The animators and artists probably just typed random runic text knowing 80% of the audience won't know how to read it.
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