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Whispering Death and a Preschooler
Topic Started: 05 Jan 2016, 01:34 (626 Views)
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I have a four year old cousin, she's very sweet but can be the devil at times. She's obsessed with dinosaurs,and since around August, Dragons. Especially DreamWorks Dragons and their movies. When she's frustrated she'll pretend to be Drago for Pete sakes. It's hilarious.

So, she has this kindle for kids thing from Christmas. She downloaded an app called "Talking Tom" or something, and during Christmas Lunch, people go around asking her what she named her talking tom...her response is hilarious and I wish I could record her, but, I'd have to blur her face.

She whispers, with this little sassy expression, "Whisperi'n Deaf." (that's how she pronounces it) and then goes to explain it's class and all this other wild facts that I don't even know! She can't even read yet.

Who else has a little cousin, nephew, niece, who loves Dragons? Anything funny from them?
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i dont think my avatar is working but ehh

My little brother has a habit of pointing at water dragons and lizards and screaming 'It's Toothless!', but my cousin loves Valka and she pretends to be surrounded by dragons a lot. It's adorable.
i'm not very active anymore!! it's sad, but i'll come back sometimes to feel nostalgic ahaha
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I am... swaggy

Cute! Nah, me and my little sister are too old for pretending (what am I saying? It's technically never too late to pretend. We just don't do that anymore :P )
I don't have any relatives who are that young anymore, sadly. That age is a fun age. I do think I recall seeing a little girl in a Halloween Toothless and another in a Hiccup costume during NDK and trick-or-treating, though.
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