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What was your favorite episode of season 2?
Astrid's Team 2 (6%)
Night of the Hunters Part 1 2 (6%)
Night of the Hunters Part 2 2 (6%)
Bad Moon Rising 2 (6%)
Snotlout Gets the Axe 0 (0%)
The Zippleback Experience 8 (24%)
Snow Way Out 1 (3%)
Edge of Disaster Part 1 1 (3%)
Edge of Disaster Part 2 0 (0%)
Shock and Awe 0 (0%)
A Time to Skrill 3 (9%)
Maces and Talons Part 1 3 (9%)
Maces and Talons Part 2 9 (27%)

What was your favorite episode of Season 2?
Topic Started: 12 Jan 2016, 03:01 (631 Views)
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Dragon Master

Now that you have seen season 2. Which one is your favorite?
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mystery dragon, pic drawn by night fury fire. Thank you

I haven't seen all of them yet.

I like Astrid's team so far.

And a time to skrill.
Dragons, need I say more.

Hiccup, chief of berc, dragon master.
Toothless, alpha dragon.
You and me bud we can do this, as one.
It's just a zipple misunderstanding
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Dunno what to say here.....

Maces and Talons, best episodes of all in my opinion. (Technically, these are spoilers) Reasons? (Wait, reason exists in a fangirl's life...?) Viggo. Villains won. Flightmare. Genius work and plot. Genius villain. Etc.
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The Norse Nerd
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-This is Borghild-

I didn't really like the show much (the jokes seemed really forced to me and it's just kinda hard to watch) but my sister was playling it on the tv and I watched with her. The Heather episodes (I can't remember what their called ^) ) were pretty good :D

I don't ship Hiccstrid, deal with it (◡‿◡✿)


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Terrible Terror

Maces and Talons was my favourite episode.
Viggo is the best villain the HTTYD franchise has presented to us yet, because he can outsmart Hiccup.

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[b]Mr. Insane Insanity

I favorite all of them. Since it's not possible in the vote I vote for nothing.
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