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Reviews of Race to the Edge, Season Three. (spoilers)

Posted: 25 Jun 2016, 04:19
by WasBornCrazy
I used so many emojis, forgive me for my rant lol.

Reviews of Race to the Edge, Season Three. (spoilers)

Posted: 25 Jun 2016, 09:37
by Rush2112
One thing I thought of last night was that this season was more character development than plot development. Think about how many specific character moments we had as opposed Dragon Hunter moments. I personally liked it. But definitely feeling the more character development this season

Reviews of Race to the Edge, Season Three. (spoilers)

Posted: 25 Jun 2016, 11:46
by hcsp1
I can't believe I forgot to mention that, but it was both funny and yet odd to hear Astrid break the 4th wall in the first episode. It's also one of the first things she says, surprisingly.

Just a small thing I wanted to bring up :D

Reviews of Race to the Edge, Season Three. (spoilers)

Posted: 26 Jun 2016, 06:25
by Alicia
She didn't really break the fourth wall since 'episode' is just another way of saying 'incident' but it was a good audience moment nonetheless!
Am I the only one that saw Hiccup and Astrid almost go in for a kiss in the second last episode?! (well that's what I'm taking it as anyway...)

Reviews of Race to the Edge, Season Three. (spoilers)

Posted: 28 Jun 2016, 02:26
by EveryEmpireFalls
At first I didn't like this season a whole lot minus a few select episodes. But now that I've watched it through once or twice more its growing on me!
I'm still going to watch it through a few more times before I give an in-depth review though. Assuming I find the energy...

But :astrid: 's hair this season! Omg looks sooo much better than before! I love it!

Reviews of Race to the Edge, Season Three. (spoilers)

Posted: 28 Jun 2016, 04:19
by StaticTheSkrill
That season was... interesting? Fun? Enjoyable? I'm having mixed feelings, as much as I still have an overarching sense of awesome fun. But oh my lord the FILLERS MAN!

Episode 1: Enemy of my Enemy
A pretty good way to start of an otherwise up and down season. I do like the way Dagur was portrayed in this episode, and it succeeded in making him a very, if not the most, likeable character for the entire season. Interesting how they decided to show wounds and arrows sticking out of people. Pacing was alright, a few minor plot holes (someone explain to me how Hiccup managed to rip up all those bushes and chuck them onto the mouth of the cave to hide Toothless in like 3 seconds), but overall a very enjoyable episode, that leaves me hungering for more Dagurry action.

Episode 2: Crash Course
Cavern Crasher you ugly beast! This episode well provides a consistent follow up to the last, not in terms of plot chronology, but in terms of pacing and quality, yes. Feels refreshing to have two episodes of similar quality in a row. This episode handled the reveal and showcase of a new (and pretty damn interesting) dragon, along with enough character development and an involving conflict very, very well. The pacing I think wasn't particularly amazing, but the other parts of the episode were handled well enough not for it to be a problem. I also though Firecomb simply stored some substance. I didn't know they were eggs for Fireworms! :P Snotlout's development tied well into the fourth episode as well I believe.

Episode 3: Follow the Leader
Was a nice developmental episode for Fishlegs, but overall I didn't really like this episode. (Oh who am I kidding, I like all the episodes. But comparably, I didn't like this one.) I feel we have had WAY too many episodes about Fishlegs and proving himself. Do we really need more? (Gem of a Different Colour, Appetite for Destruction, Quake Rattle and Roll, Big Man on Berk, Shock and Awe, need I go on?) There were pretty much a plethora of plot holes in this episode as well. How did the Night Terrors end up here? Why did Darkvarg help Fishlegs all of a sudden? All that aside, I really liked the opening to the episode, with the different art style. It was interesting to see what inner feelings Fishlegs has.

Episode 4: Turn and Burn
I am quite fond of this episode, as it showcases the father-son pair of rivalries and clears a lot of it up. It allowed for some good intimate moments between the families and their rivals. Nice to see Stoick and Skullcrusher back :D What I thought the episode didn't do very well was the pacing, which is always just a minor gripe, and the dragons. I get that the episode was mainly to focus on Spitelout and the rest but they could have handled the Singetails way better. They weren't doing justice to their utter coolness xD. They didn't really explain them all too well, and Hiccup just 'seems' to know them, but they gave some cool action in the air. All in all, the episode wasn't bad, but could've been better. The highlight of the episode was definitely the clear parallels that were trying to be shown between Stoick-Hiccup and Spitelout-Snotlout.

Episode 5: Buffalord Soldier
I liked this episode for similar reasons to the Cavern Crasher one, albeit they focused a bit more on the characters, but it was fine, especially with the way they handled it. Buffalord was a pretty cute dragon, and it was showcased fairly okay. The Astrid-Hiccup moments were pretty great, but toward the end, Viggo, I felt, wasnt really wanted by me, but I knew he was needed to have been implemented. Otherwise, people may have felt that the producers forgot about him. Scourge of Odin was not well explained at all, but overall, I liked the episode. The pyre at the end of the episode was truly wonderful though.

Episode 6: A Grim Retreat
Probably the most forgettable episode for me, but not the worst. It managed to show some good tension between the riders and their dragons, along with some hilarious bits with Stoick and Gobber. Grimoras, once again, could have been better explained. I found that it was frustratingly fillerish, and did not contribute to the overall plot at all, which is probably why I found it quite forgettable.

More soon to be added, episode 11 oh gods

Reviews of Race to the Edge, Season Three. (spoilers)

Posted: 28 Jun 2016, 13:31
by Skyshear
Great season. Love how they brought in Heather and made her a regular rider. Plus i love seeing the Dragon hunters and how they enslave dragons. I just wish they did not live on a cliffhanger with that new tribe, the Defenders of the Wing. I hope they bring the next season out sooner than last year. Dreamworks is doing a great job of keeping the story going with surprise turns ever so often. <3

Reviews of Race to the Edge, Season Three. (spoilers)

Posted: 28 Jun 2016, 23:06
by Hope_and_Heir
Ok but did anyone notice Dagur's little similarity with someone else from the books.....
Because I'm totally taking it as a book reference whether it is or not.

Reviews of Race to the Edge, Season Three. (spoilers)

Posted: 29 Jun 2016, 04:17
by Alicia
28 Jun 2016, 17:31
Great season. Love how they brought in Heather and made her a regular rider. Plus i love seeing the Dragon hunters and how they enslave dragons. I just wish they did not live on a cliffhanger with that new tribe, the Defenders of the Wing. I hope they bring the next season out sooner than last year. Dreamworks is doing a great job of keeping the story going with surprise turns ever so often. <3
I agree with everything you've said, one thing that makes me sad though is that as Heather doesn't appear in HTTYD 2 that means something is going to happen to her... which I don't want and which she doesn't deserve. However, since Fishlegs seems to have no reservations about chasing after Ruffnut, I guess that's a sign of a happy ending?

Reviews of Race to the Edge, Season Three. (spoilers)

Posted: 07 Jul 2016, 06:14
by Puff
Well, well... this season definitely had some very good moments (and surprising ones too, like the Dagur subplot). Sadly, there were things I didn't like at all. Just like the previous season, even this one was a season of wasted opportunities (yes, I'm looking at you, Buffalord Soldier). Fortunately, to a lesser extent than its predecessor.
Basically, we can divide the season into two sets of episodes: those relevant (the ones with Viggo mostly (or his comrades)) and those irrelevant (basically everything else). Now I don't have the episodes memorized, so I'll just write my opinion about a few selected aspects that randomly appear throughout the season.

Viggo - a potentially great villain was reduced to nothing more than a businessman. I was hoping for more.

Defenders of the Wing - okay this one is just baaaad. Let me explain. At first these very dogmatic guys suspect the gang of being dragon hunters... who ride dragons? Well, that's still fine. Long story short, they force the gang into a trial or something, where the Dragons "make their judgement". They pass, they become sort-of-friends with the Defenders. But then the all-knowing, all-powerful Viggo discreetly strikes (I assume that anyway. And Mala, who literally worships Dragons, instantly forgets about the holy Dragons' judgement about Hiccup and just goes on to accuse him of treachery. Sorry, but this screams with inconsistent writing to me (maybe it's all because it is a two-part episode). Also, did they really end the season with a "Part 1" episode? :ermm:

Also, they focused on Ruff/Tuff humour way too much. Their lines were often too long, and sometimes in inappropriate moments. But I must give a thumbs up for their salty fish dinner. ;) That was actually quite good.

There are more stuff I could say I didn't like (like Astrid getting insta-cured), but I think these three are the biggest issues I have with this season. Anyway, to the more positive stuff!

Dagur - more good than bad, this subplot tells a story of a man who has realized he has done much wrong, and is trying to prove himself that he's actually not that kind of a guy anymore. Although I'd personally expect more background to this plot, it still is quite interesting, with a really surprising ending (or is it really the end?). Seriously, I did NOT see that coming.

Hiccstrid- about time I say something about these two lovebirds. Techincally, this is neither a "good" nor a "bad" thing in RTTE for me, but I'll put it in the "good" category anyway. Nobody can argue about the fact we've seen development in this relationship. But I say it didn't live up to the hype that has erupted before the season's release due to the strong teasing from DWA's side, and the explosive nature of this fandom (meaning that the fandom can quickly get crazy excited about something).
I've seen people speculating that they're secretly a thing. I say they're not. Not yet. I say they're right at the point where they behave almost like a couple, but they're only the last step away from becoming one. The confession is literally the only step left. You know, like if you have such a good friend (of the opposite gender) that you just say without hesitation: "Hey, screw this. Let's be a thing." Without hesitation, because you're absolutely certain your partner will say "yes".
And honestly, if I was supposed to make a change to the script, Hiccstrid would be a thing by the end of Buffalord Soldier. Only a madman would say "You would've done the same for me." instead of "I love you, Astrid." So Hiccup, apparently, is a madman. This is where the Hiccstrid development just gets ridiculous, since every other "couple" would already go for it at this point.
But. BUT!
I must give a huge thumbs up to the writers anyway, since they apparently try to focus on building the relationship on friendship, not on the visual compatibility. That's truly commendable. Because - let's be honest, Hiccup and Astrid look really good together. Since the very beginning they were visually designed for each other. Putting this aside and reducing it to a mere bonus to a well-build friendship really deserves a big thumbs up and a huge kudos. And it gives a nice (and quite an important) message to the viewers as well: Friendship first, visual looks after that. Even though we have to remember that the natural physical beauty is also quite important, without the visual compatibility Hiccstrid would've never been so popular.
Just please, don't delay it any further. If you want to make them a thing, then stop beating around the bush and do it already. The relationship got to the point where all conditions for physical romance I can possibly think of are met. Delaying it now would be just ridiculous... and unnatural. To me, at least.

Heather - another part that's neither "good", nor "bad". I won't be lying, I don't like her as a Dragon Rider. I stated that before this season, and I say it now. It feels like she was artificially "injected" into the gang. That's the "bad" part. The "good" part is that, surprisingly, she wasn't annoying at all.

Heather/Fishlegs - Right. This came literally out of nowhere (apart from the little teaser from the previous season). What I find hilarious is that these two are pretty much officially a thing, while Hiccup and Astrid are... well, hesitating. Again, neither "good", nor "bad". It somewhat worked, but at the same time it wasn't really exceptional.

Snotlout calling Fishlegs "Fishface" - how come nobody is talking about this? I find it absolutely brilliant.

Uh, I can't think of anything else. I'm sure I have my own opinion on a lot of other things, but I just can't quickly recall anything important. So if you're curious about my opinion about something, just ask me. :D

So to sum it up... as I said, the season had some very good moments, but in the end, I must say that for me it was, at best, slightly better than average. Maybe I'll reconsider my opinion, but all that depends on the next season.