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Who ends up with who?

Posted: 26 Apr 2018, 11:29
by Ocean Rose
Okay ya'll, this is serious. Obviously Hiccup and Astrid end up together, and Dagur and Mala are living a happy life as Queen Mala and King Dagur (which does have a nice ring to it), but what about the others. Does Ruffnut end up with Fishlegs or Snotlout, or, although unlikely, Eret? Or does she stay single? And what about Tuff? Which then brings us to Heather? Will we ever get to hear about her again? Throk was left brokenhearted when Ruffnut turned down his proposal. Plus, why was Minden introduced to us, just to leave us hanging? She and Snotlout would be cute together! What do ya'll think. Who ends up with who and who stays single?

And this is my own conclusion. (Basically the result of a wandering mind :P )
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Who ends up with who?

Posted: 27 Apr 2018, 14:03
by Skyshear
What about Ruffnut & Throk? Thought they made a cute couple if somewhat weird on Ruffnut's part. Tuffnut & Heather? Ha! that would be very longshot. Snotlout & Minden, they would be very nice couple. Hopefully we'll see what happens in 2019 won't we. I just hope we get another TV show before the next movie. Would love to see these matches come fruition. They are very interesting and love to see how they come together in time for the lost chapter of How to Train Your Dragon.

Re: Who ends up with who?

Posted: 03 Sep 2022, 01:18
by Dragonrider's Fury
Y'know, Throk and Heather would be a nice warrior couple. I can see that working. As for others... Hm, I can see Tuff ending up with a Berserker girl. (Although, are there any of those?? We never see any. A few Berserker women, sure, but never a Berserker... child, actually. :huh: ) Eret and Valka could almost work, I think. Gobber... I can't see him ending up with anyone, honestly. I do agree with you on Fishnut and Snotden. :P