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Best short?
Gift of the night fury 124 (91%)
Book of dragons 6 (4%)
Legend of the boneknapper 7 (5%)

Favourite short
Topic Started: 26 Jun 2014, 22:09 (5163 Views)
Baron Von Clop
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Dragon Egg

Hands down GotNF. The other shorts were cute and the Boneknapper is easily one of my favorite dragons out of the series, but they were obviously shorts meant to supplement the movie. GotNF, on the other hand, was just about as good as the film itself.
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1. Gift of The Night Fury - Heartwarming, beautiful and very adorable. I especially loved the bit with Yaknog and the deleted mistletoe scene. XD
2. Legend of The Boneknapper - Gobber ^_^
3. Book of Dragons - dragons and some cute details, like the fact in the beginning the table looks so large compared to Hiccup. I'm a sucker for small details, trust me; being a photographer and hiker comes with that trait.
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Terrible Terror

Definitely Gift of the Night Fury. It's as sweet and touching as the movie. :)

My least favourite is Legend of the Boneknapper. It felt a bit childish to me.

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Baby terror

Baby dragons in GOTNF. Hee Hee :hiccup: :toothless:

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The Celt

This may be dragging the topic up from the dead, but I would like to argue instead in favor of LotBND over GotNF.

My personal reasons:

'Bone Napper' to me just seems like more of a more well constructed story. I didn't know what to expect, and was pulled in by the action and comedy.

'Gift' on the other hand I found rather hard to enjoy. While I enjoyed its opening scene and of course the classic "the eggs explode..." bit, I found the rest of it VERY sugary to the point that I cringed at the amount of heart I was being forced to feel.

The other big problem for me was getting over the blatantly obvious references to Christmas. The entire time I watched the special, my cynical and analytical side couldn't help but think about how they had made this special for the sole purpose of getting a boost in sales around Christmas time when there would be a demand for both the movie and thus any media related to it. This to me was the hardest to get over, as I couldn't view the short as a piece of art, but rather only as a piece of media produced for the sake of profit. I understand that the entire franchise itself is designed to be sold, but a Christmas special like this (and let's be honest, that's all it is) just feels forced to me, and I couldn't really enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the other shorts.
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The Norse Nerd
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Dawn of the Dragon Racer :) Just got it today :D

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No one voted for what I'm going to say! Gift of the Night Fury!
Shocking, isn't it? :blink:
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Defender of Insanity and Master of Apologies

Gift of the Night Fury, for the following reasons:

1: Gobber's endless supply of Snoggletog apparel.
2: "The eggs... Explode?"
3: The other new Snoggletog traditions - namely, Yaknog
4: Toothless. Really the hero of this story. While Hiccup manages to bring the dragons back it would have probably happened anyway, just in the Dragons' own time. Toothless showed exactly how intelligent and loyal he is.
5: Fishlegs' reaction to Meatlug's gender... That's a good one.
6: Depth of story. Very very deep story for a Christmas special.
7: All of the feels! Seriously, great work guys!

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mystery dragon, pic drawn by night fury fire. Thank you

Gotnf hands down. :D
Dragons, need I say more.

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Dragon Princess

Gift Of the Night Fury.

:) :P <3 :nightfuryegg: :alpha: 8)
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