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Homecoming: The Mystery of the Fourth Dusk Fury [Night Light]

Posted: 23 Apr 2020, 19:56
by Dragonrider's Fury
Today I was looking through images of the Dusk Furies on the HTTYD Wiki, and in one from Snoggletog Log, I noticed a strange thing: The Dusk Fury in it is not one of the established three, Dart, Ruffrunner, and Pouncer. Take a look at the image:

Was someone to ask me which it was, Dart would be my first thought, but a closer inspection proves that this is not the case. Dart has white tips on her 'ears', and her lower jaw is white, as you can see from this image:

Taking a look at the Dusk Fury in question, it has no white tips on its 'ears, and its lower jaw is black, not white.

So it must be Ruffrunner then, right? Wrong! Although the markings match up with Ruffrunner's, Ruffrunner has green eyes, as is evident in this picture, among others:

If you look back at the first image, you'll see that this mystery Fury very clearly has blue eyes. And no, it's not just the lighting in that scene. Balancing the colors as best I know how, this is the result:

See? Clearly blue.

I can only conclude, then, that Toothless and the Light Fury have an unnamed fourth offspring, about whom no one knows anything. What do you think? Do you have any thoughts on this Fury-centric mystery?