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Night fury fire
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Location 12 days north of hopeless and a few degrees south of freezing to death (Ireland)
Interests Name: Kate
Age: 14
Hobbies: drawing, digital art, writing, fishing, breathing
Fav dragons: toothless, whispering death, monstrous nightmare, speedstinger, typhomerang, terrible terror, flightmare, smaug, ender dragon, nebula dragons
Fav movies: httyd1/2, despicable me 1/2, the croods, the Lego movie, rio, alpha and omega, the lion king, many other animated movies (but httyd for life)
Fav games: minecraft, mariokart wii, animal crossing, rabbids games, five nights at freddys
Fav song: where no one goes, jónsi
Fav colors: yellow, black, purple
Fav TV show: DoB, RoB, father ted, the 100, big bang theory
Fav animals: dogs, wolves, cats, dolphins, DRAGONS!
Dream job: marine biologist, dog trainer, digital artist, animator, dragon rider
[color=blue]We're fangirls! It's an occupational hazard...
Birthday May 21st
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^_^ ;) :D :$ :P 8) :'( :( ^) :O :blink: >:( <3 <- me seeing httyd 2