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Location Australia, Planet Earth, The Solar System, The Milky Way Galaxy, Time and Space.
Interests Honestly, I am very impressed that you are reading this. But, anyway.

My name is Jae, I'm a female (and a feminist), and I live in Australia. I spend way too much time in the Outcast Island section, I'm paranoid and stress prone, I have a tendency to wander off in my own thoughts and I am VERY VERY VERY stubborn and sarcastic. Like, a lot.

Dragon is my primary fandom, followed by Sherlock, TFIOS, Big Hero 6 and the Hunger Games.

I am writing my first fanfiction at the moment, it is called When Dead Men Rise.

My name on ff.net is OhThatsBirdy.

Yah... That's it. DFTBA, guys. 8)
Title I like big books and I cannot lie.
Birthday September 6th
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Update guys: It's party time with Joe.