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The HTTYD3 Trailer is here!

  by KentuckyWildcat
<t>It's been awhile since I've really given much thought to my HTTYD fandom. I have decidedly mixed thoughts about the second film, and I kind of lost track of RTTE after the first season failed to really hold my interest. Despite all of that, I was still fairly excited to unexpectedly discover that...

Posted 08 Jun 2018, 01:26 in How to Train Your Dragon 3

The kids parents

  by KentuckyWildcat
<r><QUOTE author="hictooth" time="1469927981"><s>[quote=hictooth,(time=1469927981)]</s>One thing to add is the interesting relationship of Spitelout being Stoick's brother (and therefore Hiccup's uncle). I'm not sure how naming conventions worked in Viking times, but if it works the same way as it d...

Posted 31 Jul 2016, 00:16 in How to Train Your Dragon

How will Hiccup and Astrid get together in Rtte?

  by KentuckyWildcat
<r><QUOTE author="Evan Electric Eel III" time="1467430897"><s>[quote=Evan Electric Eel III,(time=1467430897)]</s> Yeah pretty much, could be worse though it could be like Detentionaire where it took 52 episodes(mind you their has been 39 Rtte episodes and the next lot is 13 episodes)<e>[/quote]</e><...

Posted 02 Jul 2016, 00:03 in DreamWorks Dragons

How will Hiccup and Astrid get together in Rtte?

  by KentuckyWildcat
I haven't had access to Netflix since season 1, but you guys mean to tell me that they're STILL dragging out the "will they or won't they" drama that had no reason to exist in the first place? Good grief.

Posted 01 Jul 2016, 23:40 in DreamWorks Dragons

Any news on 'Serpents Heir'?

  by KentuckyWildcat
<r><QUOTE author="hictooth" time="1464768170"><s>[quote=hictooth,(time=1464768170)]</s>I don't really think (or at least I hope) that the Amazon date is correct. As far as I know Dark Horse haven't released any dates - so I'm not sure where Amazon got that date from. My guess would be that they just...

Posted 07 Jun 2016, 21:27 in DreamWorks Dragons

Should Dreamworks shift HTTYD3's release date

  by KentuckyWildcat
<t>In addition to the very valid points Demonwolf002 made, I'm not sure that moving the film out of a June-July slot would be a good move for marketing. HTTYD 3 is almost certainly going to be looking to children as one of the main audiences, so it makes the most sense to release it at a time when t...

Posted 01 Mar 2016, 19:04 in How to Train Your Dragon 3

Anyone else not like RTTE that much

  by KentuckyWildcat
<t>I think all 3 seasons of the TV series have paled in comparison to the movies, but I guess that's sort of to be expected. If we're directly comparing the current Netflix run to the older seasons, I think it's an improvement just because the visuals are so much better. The storytelling and charact...

Posted 06 Aug 2015, 20:28 in DreamWorks Dragons

What would ruin it for you?

  by KentuckyWildcat
<t>I'm more of the mindset that I'll know a bad idea if I see/hear it right now. There's simply too many directions the story could go in for me to get caught up in trying to predict it and then raise concerns over those hypotheticals.<br/> <br/> As far as something more concrete, that report a litt...

Posted 29 Jul 2015, 20:30 in How to Train Your Dragon 3

Dragon Eye hint in plain sight!

  by KentuckyWildcat
<t>Well, it's definitely a fist and I see how you could think the outline looks like blood even though that's harder to prove one way or the other. Whether it's a plot-related hint at Drago, a coincidence, or an Easter egg for observant fans, the mere fact that it's there is quite interesting. Good ...

Posted 29 Jul 2015, 20:23 in DreamWorks Dragons

Dagur's Tattoo Translated

  by KentuckyWildcat
Good work in translating that. It's interesting information. It may seem odd for this to be what sticks out to me, but I wasn't even aware that he knew Astrid and Fishlegs by name. The best I can remember, he only refers to Astrid as "the girl", and doesn't pay much mind to Fishlegs at all.

Posted 23 Jul 2015, 16:12 in DreamWorks Dragons