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Wings and Tails

  by Night fury fire

Posted 22 Jul 2015, 19:40 in How to Train Your Dragon


  by Night fury fire

Posted 18 Jul 2015, 19:58 in DreamWorks Dragons


  by Night fury fire
16 Jul 2015, 00:49
This is a few months late but I was in the neighborhood and then I read this. It's very good. Great job. ;) <3
Thank you! :D I'm glad you like it

Posted 18 Jul 2015, 19:46 in Stories

Your argument is invalid.

  by Night fury fire
04 Jul 2015, 21:33
The chicken is not amused.
You stole my thunder >:(

Posted 08 Jul 2015, 19:23 in Art

Do you remember Smaug's 'ball-less' comment?

  by Night fury fire
This is what happens when the moderators leave the fourmvine

Hiccdew takes over :blink:

Posted 02 Jul 2015, 06:10 in DreamWorks Dragons

Snotcup/Hiclout is canon

  by Night fury fire
Sorry, I'm a snotlegs/fishlout shipper now

Posted 30 Jun 2015, 17:08 in DreamWorks Dragons

Race to the Edge is here!

  by Night fury fire

Posted 26 Jun 2015, 18:37 in DreamWorks Dragons