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Wings and Tails

  by Night fury fire
<r><QUOTE author="Hope_and_Heir" time="1437604417"><s>[quote=Hope_and_Heir,(time=1437604417)]</s>Some animals can't balance without their tails. So it would make sense that dragons couldn't either. It would probably greatly hinder their flying. <e>[/quote]</e></QUOTE> Didn't some animals like t-rex'...

Posted 22 Jul 2015, 19:40 in How to Train Your Dragon


  by Night fury fire
<r>I honestly thought adding gustav as the main character in of an episode was a mistake <br/> <br/> Clearly I wasn't wrong <br/> <br/> Gone gustav gone was probably the only bad episode of rtte so far. <br/> <br/> I mean, in some ways we can empathise with him, but otherwise I find him a very annoy...

Posted 18 Jul 2015, 19:58 in DreamWorks Dragons


  by Night fury fire
16 Jul 2015, 00:49
This is a few months late but I was in the neighborhood and then I read this. It's very good. Great job. ;) <3
Thank you! :D I'm glad you like it

Posted 18 Jul 2015, 19:46 in Stories

Do you remember Smaug's 'ball-less' comment?

  by Night fury fire
<r><QUOTE author="VeloYourSwaggyDragon" time="1436203974"><s>[quote=VeloYourSwaggyDragon,(time=1436203974)]</s><QUOTE author="Neilandio" time="1436128049"><s>[quote=Neilandio,(time=1436128049)]</s>I would like to know how he did that, considering dragons, like reptiles, most likely have cloacae.<e>[...

Posted 08 Jul 2015, 19:38 in DreamWorks Dragons

Which new dragon from RttE is your favorite?

  by Night fury fire
<r>I loved the death song from the moment I first saw it, so naturally I voted for it <E>^_^</E> <br/> It's a shame that it didn't have a whole lot of screen time. And I hope it escapes out of that cave and tries to get revenge on the riders >:D <br/> <br/> But the razorwhip suprised me though, scin...

Posted 08 Jul 2015, 19:36 in DreamWorks Dragons

Your argument is invalid.

  by Night fury fire
04 Jul 2015, 21:33
The chicken is not amused.
You stole my thunder >:(

Posted 08 Jul 2015, 19:23 in Art

Do you remember Smaug's 'ball-less' comment?

  by Night fury fire
This is what happens when the moderators leave the fourmvine

Hiccdew takes over :blink:

Posted 02 Jul 2015, 06:10 in DreamWorks Dragons

Snotcup/Hiclout is canon

  by Night fury fire
Sorry, I'm a snotlegs/fishlout shipper now

Posted 30 Jun 2015, 17:08 in DreamWorks Dragons

Race to the Edge is here!

  by Night fury fire
<r><QUOTE author="Berserk Shieldmaiden" time="1435349438"><s>[quote=Berserk Shieldmaiden,(time=1435349438)]</s><QUOTE author="Night fury fire" time="1435326933"><s>[quote=Night fury fire,(time=1435326933)]</s>I just watched all of the episodes, and am currently re-watching them with my sister <E>^_^...

Posted 26 Jun 2015, 18:37 in DreamWorks Dragons

Favorite Things in Race to the Edge

  by Night fury fire
<r>Everything seemed to be improved, the animation, the detail. The dragons had more personality, and not all the new ones were untrainable. Not to mention, the stuff like stoick saying he searched for valka, or heather talking to astrid about her relationship with hiccup. You know, that kind of stu...

Posted 26 Jun 2015, 17:19 in DreamWorks Dragons