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Yet Another Villain

  by Oneill5491
Sounds like they are just henchmen to the main antagonist, kinda like how Eret was, but likely less involved and not someone that will have a redeeming character arc.

Posted 27 Jun 2018, 20:54 in How to Train Your Dragon 3

HQ Trailer Download

  by Oneill5491
Thanks, that really is a lot sharper.

Let me know if you ever find one with a 5.1 audio track. I found the original HTTYD 2 teaser with a 5.1 surround sound track and it sounds absolutely phenomenal when I play it on my home surround sound system. :D

Posted 09 Jun 2018, 15:09 in How to Train Your Dragon 3

Toothless' Tail?

  by Oneill5491

Posted 08 Jun 2018, 14:12 in How to Train Your Dragon 3

Dragons 2 Leaked

  by Oneill5491
31 Aug 2014, 19:47
The full thing? With all the extras?
No, just the main feature movie so far.

Posted 31 Aug 2014, 15:50 in How to Train Your Dragon 2