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Yet Another Villain

  by Oneill5491
Sounds like they are just henchmen to the main antagonist, kinda like how Eret was, but likely less involved and not someone that will have a redeeming character arc.

Posted 27 Jun 2018, 20:54 in How to Train Your Dragon 3

HQ Trailer Download

  by Oneill5491
Thanks, that really is a lot sharper.

Let me know if you ever find one with a 5.1 audio track. I found the original HTTYD 2 teaser with a 5.1 surround sound track and it sounds absolutely phenomenal when I play it on my home surround sound system. :D

Posted 09 Jun 2018, 15:09 in How to Train Your Dragon 3

Theories on blown up tree?

  by Oneill5491
<r>Wondering what you guys thought may have happened to the tree in this part of the trailer. Seems like it was just recently annihilated...maybe by the light fury? Also seems to burn with a fuchsia-like hue, not like traditional fire. My guess is that's what got Hiccup, Astrid, and Toothless' atten...

Posted 08 Jun 2018, 23:11 in How to Train Your Dragon 3

Toothless' Tail?

  by Oneill5491
<r>Nah, it's not a flashback.<br/> <br/> Pic showing his fins extended and in "alpha mode", something he didn't know how to do until the second film:<br/> <br/> <IMG content="https://i.imgur.com/pe05pO5.jpg"><s>[img]</s>https://i.imgur.com/pe05pO5.jpg<e>[/img]</e></IMG><br/> <br/> Pic showing his nu...

Posted 08 Jun 2018, 14:12 in How to Train Your Dragon 3

Are we not so far away from a trailer?

  by Oneill5491
<t>I suspect the trailer will come out one week before Incredibles 2. The HTTYD 2 teaser came out exactly one week before Turbo released which was included in that film's trailer package. I'm almost positive that Universal Pictures will include a HTTYD 3 trailer in the Incredibles 2 Trailer package....

Posted 24 May 2018, 22:59 in How to Train Your Dragon 3

New Info for Dawn of the Dragon Racers!

  by Oneill5491
<r><QUOTE author="Faerie_Dragon" time="1413615044"><s>[quote=Faerie_Dragon,(time=1413615044)]</s>I saw the images on Tumblr just a second ago and was gonna post them here too heh!<br/> <br/> The stills look kinda strange though right? I was expecting the animation to be like the 2nd movie's but this...

Posted 18 Oct 2014, 03:48 in Dragon Shorts

Interview with Dean about HTTYD3

  by Oneill5491
<t>I was intrigued by the mention of potential spinoffs.<br/> <br/> Not sure how you would do that though. Anything in the dragons franchise has to have Hiccup and Toothless for it to work otherwise it would be a let down.<br/> <br/> What do you guys think would be good spinoff ideas (even if you ha...

Posted 16 Oct 2014, 22:13 in How to Train Your Dragon 3

HTTYD 2 Inducted into IMDb's Top 250!

  by Oneill5491
<r>So HTTYD 2 has slumped down to the last spot on the IMDb top 250 list and will be leaving the top 250 list, likely forever, within the next day. <E>:/</E> <br/> <br/> I know a lot of you don't care and don't put much value into that list, but just thought I would mention it.<br/> <br/> I was real...

Posted 06 Oct 2014, 23:48 in How to Train Your Dragon 2

Storyboards with Valka as a villain

  by Oneill5491
<t>As much as the original story boards were interesting and provoking, I have to agree that proceeding with the original story line would have been financially disastrous. The final cut was already upsetting as it was; the original characterization would have spelt doom for the movie. You can only ...

Posted 05 Sep 2014, 02:26 in How to Train Your Dragon 2

Dragons 2 Leaked

  by Oneill5491
31 Aug 2014, 19:47
The full thing? With all the extras?
No, just the main feature movie so far.

Posted 31 Aug 2014, 15:50 in How to Train Your Dragon 2