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Race to the Edge Trailer!

  by dragons_ind
<r><QUOTE author="Cartoon Freak" time="1428967633"><s>[quote=Cartoon Freak,(time=1428967633)]</s>Well, the CGI's taken a step up, by the looks of it. That's definitely a plus. <br/> <br/> The Dragon's Eye appears to serve the basic plot function of directing the characters from one episode's plot to...

Posted 14 Apr 2015, 08:00 in DreamWorks Dragons

Possible spinoff?

  by dragons_ind
I've always interested in Valka's story. If it does, i hope it have some Hictooth material too. Well, i can't watch dragon movie without toothless

Posted 16 Nov 2014, 07:31 in How to Train Your Dragon 3

Soul of a Dragon [sequel to Heart of a Chief]

  by dragons_ind
Arrghh, Cliffhanger in the end. Like it!
It just, Astrid.....

Posted 01 Nov 2014, 18:37 in Stories

Lost Dragons, New World

  by dragons_ind
Wow, Hiccup in modern version. I like it.
But eventually the situation will go worse, just like when scientist discover new species they will go mad. FBI, CIA, and others will threat him as an enemy, and it all will go like in the movies, like Earth to Echo, E.T, and many others.

Posted 28 Oct 2014, 18:29 in Stories

Season 1 vs Season 2

  by dragons_ind
<t>Season 2 is better. The intense getting higher, the animation improved, and better story.<br/> Season 2 far more hilarious than the first, especially Free Scauldy. No wonder it became my favourite episode, yet.<br/> I wonder, if now they're using PrEmo for every media, will they use hair and fur ...

Posted 28 Oct 2014, 17:42 in DreamWorks Dragons

956 Days?!?!?!?! NUUUUUUU!

  by dragons_ind
Bit by bit the number will decrease, slowly but surely making our way to the conclussion.
I agree with the marathon idea. Maybe in the last 98 days i can start a slow marathon.

Posted 27 Oct 2014, 06:59 in How to Train Your Dragon 3

Dawn of the Dragon Racers Screencaps *SPOILERS*

  by dragons_ind
ohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmyGOSH!!! *impersonate Dash

Posted 19 Oct 2014, 18:47 in Dragon Shorts

Interview with Dean about HTTYD3

  by dragons_ind
I hope it will be an epic closing triology, and Dean's hope for it will be placed along with LOTR and Star Wars comes true.

Posted 17 Oct 2014, 08:37 in How to Train Your Dragon 3

Where No One Goes - The Making Of How To Train Your Dragon 2

  by dragons_ind
That extremely cool!! I always wonder they use zBrush for character modeling, and i was right.
I'm speechless through video, and the storyboarding is soooooooo COOLL!!!!! And Indiana Jones-based comedy, *laughs
Thanks! For posting!!!!

Posted 17 Oct 2014, 08:13 in How to Train Your Dragon 2

Toothless 3D model

  by dragons_ind
<r><QUOTE author="BiggestToothlessFanEVER" time="1413240711"><s>[quote=BiggestToothlessFanEVER,(time=1413240711)]</s><QUOTE author="dragons_ind" time="1411269811"><s>[quote=dragons_ind,(time=1411269811)]</s>Just seeking for help with rigging configuration, and little show off <E>:P</E> <br/> <IMG co...

Posted 14 Oct 2014, 04:41 in Other Fan Work