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Differences from the Movie

  by TuthiTheZebracorn
<r><QUOTE author="Koriko-Cha" time="1397174857"><s>[quote=Koriko-Cha,(time=1397174857)]</s><QUOTE author="AuroraBorealis" time="1397173404"><s>[quote=AuroraBorealis,(time=1397173404)]</s><QUOTE author="ScauldyTheScauldron" time="1397172896"><s>[quote=ScauldyTheScauldron,(time=1397172896)]</s>NO ASTR...

Posted 28 Sep 2016, 06:04 in The Books

Reviews of Race to the Edge, Season Three. (spoilers)

  by TuthiTheZebracorn
<r><QUOTE author="Hope_and_Heir" time="1467169598"><s>[quote=Hope_and_Heir,(time=1467169598)]</s>Ok but did anyone notice Dagur's little similarity with someone else from the books.....<br/> Because I'm totally taking it as a book reference whether it is or not.<e>[/quote]</e></QUOTE> Hope_and_Heir ...

Posted 04 Aug 2016, 18:42 in DreamWorks Dragons