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What's with this?

  by Tuffnut'sChicken
I have no useful ideas, but I did just make this:

EDIT: Better yet:

From here

Posted 03 Jul 2022, 19:46 in How to Train Your Dragon 2

Whispering Death and a Preschooler

  by Tuffnut'sChicken
Awww, that's so cute!

It's a definite goal of mine to indoctrinate introduce my nieces and nephews to HTTYD. Two of 'em recently watched it and enjoyed it! Not mega-fans... yet. :P But hey, baby steps. XD

Posted 03 Jul 2022, 18:39 in DreamWorks Dragons

Your HTTYD 3 plot speculation?

  by Tuffnut'sChicken
I'm hoping that it does not end the time of the dragons. I don't know what it will focus on, but I hope it doesn't follow the books. (I haven't actually read them, but I did read the Wiki articles about the plot lines, so yeah.) I like to think of the HTTYD books being related to HTTYD movies the w...

Posted 03 Jul 2022, 18:06 in How to Train Your Dragon 3

Does anyone skip episodes?

  by Tuffnut'sChicken
Even the "filler" ones are really cool in how they develop the world. Plus, while I found the overall plot interesting, I was really in it just to get more moments with the characters and great soundtracks. I watched them all sequentially. Rewatching, though, I pick and choose and don't wa...

Posted 03 Jul 2022, 17:53 in DreamWorks Dragons


  by Tuffnut'sChicken
I take the "they might be" route. The Haddocks and the Jorgensons are separate clans, and as far as I know, the clans are based on the male lineage, so it's highly unlikely that Stoick and Spitelout are brothers. However, Valka could, in theory, originally be from the Jorgenson clan as Spi...

Posted 03 Jul 2022, 17:49 in How to Train Your Dragon

{Spoiler} Anyone realize we've been partially trolled?

  by Tuffnut'sChicken
The foreshadowing in these books is excellent. It's so excellent, you don't even realize it's doing it until midway through. When my friends start reading them, they tend to be like, "Eh, it's okay, but I don't know if I'll read the rest" and I'm just like, "No no no no no you don't g...

Posted 03 Jul 2022, 17:33 in The Books

March of Dragons

  by Tuffnut'sChicken
Hey! If you're participating in March of Dragons, feel free to share your entries here! You can either post 'em here, or you can share links to where you've posted 'em elsewhere. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/208ac8d1328061fbbe995f3fa0fb9ccbb2afec1c924e17544b9ebffb957fb814.png?w=800&h=881...

Posted 05 Mar 2022, 18:20 in Other Fan Work

My fics

  by Tuffnut'sChicken
Oh man, I forgot about that last one until midway through, so I got to experience it all over again. That was awesome!

Posted 26 Feb 2022, 03:31 in Stories

Comparing book & movie endings

  by Tuffnut'sChicken
If you're in this thread, I'm gonna assume that you've finished How to Fight a Dragon's Fury as well as The Hidden World and Homecoming. That is to say, expect spoilers. :P What were your thoughts on the endings? (This question is followed by a huge bulk of thoughts from me, but I'd love to hear you...

Posted 02 Jan 2022, 20:30 in The Books

Just finished the series

  by Tuffnut'sChicken
I just finished too, and I agree!! <3 That ending... those themes... just wow. So beautiful.

Posted 02 Jan 2022, 19:39 in The Books