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What's with this?

  by Dragonrider's Fury
Pfft. :P :P That's great. ^_^

Posted 03 Jul 2022, 20:34 in How to Train Your Dragon 2

The "I've seen "Dawn of the Dragon Races" thread

  by Dragonrider's Fury
I've seen it, and yes, I'd have to agree it felt like RTTE S1E0. Still, I did enjoy it, more so than some of the other shorts. GotNF is still undeniably the best, though. :)

Posted 03 Jul 2022, 19:35 in Dragon Shorts

Gift of The Night Fury

  by Dragonrider's Fury
I still wonder where toothless went in his time away :toothless: Obviously to retrieve Hiccup's "breast-hat", but I suppose there is the possibility that he did some scouting-around for a mate or something, too. Is it ever really stated how long he was gone? More than three days, Hiccup s...

Posted 03 Jul 2022, 19:30 in Dragon Shorts

Everything Wrong With HTTYD 2

  by Dragonrider's Fury
Might as well add a link to the HTTYD3 one, now that it's a thing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbHgFdNHwlk

Posted 03 Jul 2022, 19:16 in How to Train Your Dragon 2

What's with this?

  by Dragonrider's Fury
So most of you are thinking about this from an out-of-universe perspective (and you're probably right, it was probably just a mistake by the layout team), but let's change the name of the game. From an in- universe perspective, what might it be? @Alpha Toothless suggested the Dragon Eye, but those w...

Posted 03 Jul 2022, 18:43 in How to Train Your Dragon 2


  by Dragonrider's Fury
I've addressed this question before, but I'll address it again for the sake of this thread. My thoughts are thus: I still feel that the whole "Traitor Johann" thing is kinda lame. Like there was a late-night board meeting two-thirds of the way though S5 production and the director was like...

Posted 03 Jul 2022, 18:17 in DreamWorks Dragons

RtTE Background Music?

  by Dragonrider's Fury
I'm still waiting for the Riders/Defenders of Berk, and RTTE soundtrack to be released, but I'm now doubting it'll ever happen... Same here! I'd love to add those to my music collection, but John Paesano (or whoever holds to rights to his work for the shows) doesn't seem interested in releasing the...

Posted 03 Jul 2022, 18:06 in DreamWorks Dragons

Does anyone skip episodes?

  by Dragonrider's Fury
There is one I'm always tempted to skip, Big Man On Berk, but I usually don't. All the rest, I watch sequentially.

Posted 03 Jul 2022, 18:03 in DreamWorks Dragons

The little things

  by Dragonrider's Fury
Gobber asks why trolls only steal the left socks And he only has a left foot Oh my... :O I never even considered that. That's absolutely hilarious. :P :P :P As for little details I appreciate, one thing I noticed one of the last times I watched the movie was you remember what Stoick said to Hiccup ...

Posted 03 Jul 2022, 17:17 in How to Train Your Dragon


  by Dragonrider's Fury
Honestly, I'd believe they are. Various people have said it said so on the official site, so I'm not going to argue.

Posted 03 Jul 2022, 16:49 in How to Train Your Dragon