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Which Hiccup?

  by Night_Stalker
<r>i feel like i have some catching up to do i never heard of the books until i saw the first movie and still never bothered to read them because i felt i was to old to read it but i guess i should give it a shot. so in my opinion the movie hiccup is the one i have to side with and im good with a gu...

Posted 04 Oct 2016, 08:36 in The Books

The kids parents

  by Night_Stalker
<r>after the failed wedding between the jorgensons and hoffersons i dont think they will be bocming cousins anytime soon but i would belive that hiccup and snotlout are in fact cousins, which would make that love triangle of hiccup liking astrid and snotlout liking her as well, but yet we see he cha...

Posted 03 Oct 2016, 23:23 in How to Train Your Dragon

Rtte Dvd

  by Night_Stalker
thats awsome !!!

Posted 03 Oct 2016, 16:40 in DreamWorks Dragons

Possible Leaked Images? O...M...G...!?

  by Night_Stalker
I can see how some people think this is real, it would be cool to see the gang all grown up and hicstrid have a child of their own but i think that would make a good httyd 4 lets not rush this too much i want more tv shows to watch while i wait hahaha

Posted 03 Oct 2016, 16:34 in How to Train Your Dragon 3