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What's your viewing plan for HTTYD2?

  by Faerie_Dragon
I'm gonna catch the first showing I can here in Ireland. I'll be bringing my Toothless figurine with me of course :D

Hopefully I can afford seeing it at least twice and perhaps a few more times if I can :3

Posted 11 Apr 2014, 19:32 in How to Train Your Dragon 2

Final Trailer Release [SPOILERS]

  by Faerie_Dragon
<r><QUOTE author="Hiccdew_Forever" time="1397205107"><s>[quote=Hiccdew_Forever,(time=1397205107)]</s><QUOTE author="Zer0x" time="1397203450"><s>[quote=Zer0x,(time=1397203450)]</s> They posted it. But is is exactly the same trailer. :-/ <e>[/quote]</e></QUOTE> Their logo appears at the end.<e>[/quote...

Posted 11 Apr 2014, 07:40 in How to Train Your Dragon 2

Links to HD Apple Trailer

  by Faerie_Dragon
Ah wonderful. I downloaded the 720p version from Youtube.
It's been quickly replaced with the 1080p version thanks Max :3

Posted 10 Apr 2014, 13:46 in How to Train Your Dragon 2