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Via Grapevine(Hidden By Grape Leaves)
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Zira Shadow
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Yes. It is indeed a story in which the Berk's Grapeviners(some of them) are SPIES. Super-secret ninja spies with cool tech and a Chicken.
And so it begins...
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Zira Shadow
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Chapter One
Sylvi looked around her room one last time to make sure everything was tidied to a satisfactory level, then flipped open the cover of her sleek blue-silver laptop and turned it on. Instantly it directed her to Google Chrome, where it did some more directing to the Berk’s Grapevine. Just as soon as she logged in as Team Astrid, a comment popped up.

Hiccup’s Windwalker: Anyone on?

Sylvi suppressed a smile as she replied.

Team Astrid: Totally not! XD
Hiccup’s Windwalker: XD

Another reply appeared. Curious, Sylvi clicked on it.

Sparki Gamer: I’m on! Anyone wanna talk on toothl.es?

Both she and Windwalker(whom the Grapevine had nicknamed ‘Windy) agreed. When the page loaded, Fishy(whose official Grapevine name was FishlegsTheOfficialLogMaster) was also there, along with Whoever.

Whoever: Hey, guys. Anyone seen the new article?

New article? What news were they getting now? Excited, Sylvi went back to the Grapevine’s homepage - but there was
nothing there. Confused, she clicked on her second tab, which had toothl.es open on it.

TA: I don’t see it…
Sparki: Yeah, I can’t find it either.
Fishy: You don’t? Here’s the link:

After that was a link to the article. Sylvi clicked on it. Oddly enough, the article was blank - a template, really. She checked the top of the screen, but the page was fully loaded.
The first comment was by Whoever.

Whoever: First comment! Haha, always wanted to do that. Highlight the article template, that’s the only way you’ll be able to read it. And when you read it…

Under that was the only reply, from Windy:

Hiccup’s Windwalker: This...changes...everything.

This changes everything? Hiccup’s catchphrase, being used here? This was important.
Sylvi highlighted the article and read these words:

A Skrill-level Shock
Hello, Sylvi Lynshield. I am...well, I won’t tell you who I am, because you’d most likely freak out. But my friends and I ‘come in peace’. So here’s the thing: We want to recruit you to become a spy.
Do you consent?

Sylvi hesitated. Sure, this sounded epic. But who was she to plunge into this without any information at all?
She kept reading. There was a FAQ box, and at the top of the list was:

Why should I trust a random person on the internet?

Here was the answer:

You shouldn’t, but frankly, you do know me, and you do trust me, because trust needs to be earned and I’ve done something to earn that trust. If you don’t believe me, just ask your besties!

Sylvi’s head spun. Somehow, this mysterious person knew more about her than possible. But if she was correct, then this person wasn’t so mysterious after all…
Best to test them, anyways.
“Come here, girl,” Sylvi said quietly.
A blue, scaly head poked out of a large doorway that smelled of smoke. Then the whole dragon emerged: a beautiful deep blue, gray, and bright-white specked Deadly Nadder, who Sylvi had named Stormshade. She sniffed at the screen tentatively and examined the words for a long time. Then - and here Sylvi held her breath and waited, because a dragon’s judgement is almost never wrong - she stepped back.
Mystery-wrapped-in-enigma-wrapped-in-yak-bacon(or MWIEWIYB, (pronounced Mui-eh-wiib)as she’d temporarily named them) was to be trusted.
Decision made, Sylvi read on, Stormshade watching from behind.

To enter the information meeting, press your hand to the screen of your computer.

“Umm…” Sylvi glanced at Stormshade, who squawked encouragingly.
Sylvi pressed a hand to the screen of the computer, and then a flood of sparking white light washed over her and she saw no more.
Windwalker observed the area around her. After she had touched the screen of the computer, she had been sucked into a lightning-like vortex and probably blacked out for several seconds. When she did wake up, she was in her dragon form in this weird Viking-style training arena thing.
She breathed an impatient plume of fire at the wall, only to stop as another vortex of electricity opened up right in front of her.
A blue, gray and white Deadly Nadder dropped though, and after her came an unconscious girl of about 14. She had brown hair in a ponytail and was wearing an orange t-shirt and jeans. Windwalker stepped closer, sniffing at the girl curiously. Suddenly her blue eyes snapped open and she kicked Windwalker in the snout!
Windwalker recoiled, yowling and snarling. The girl stood up quickly and stepped towards her, hands outstretched.
“Sorry! Gods, I’m so sorry. Uh...here, do you want some ice?” she grabbed a block of the stuff from a rack on the wall labeled ‘Groncicles and Snow Wraiths Ice Molding’.
Windwalker accepted the ice and let the girl scratch her under the chin(albeit a little suspiciously). As soon as she had confirmed that mystery girl was not a threat, she stepped back.
“I’m Sylvi,” said the girl. “Umm...this is Stormshade.” She gestured to the Nadder.
“Hello,” said Stormshade.
Hello,” replied Windwalker.
“For the time being, I’m just going to call you Windwalker, okay?” asked Sylvi.
Windwalker snorted. “That is my name.”
“She can’t understand you,”
Stormshade reminded her.
“So? I just had to say it out loud.”
Sylvi sighed. “Since I have no idea what you two are saying, I’m going to assume that that was an okay.” She seemed to be more comfortable around Windwalker now, because the sarcasm was beginning to flow in her.
“Ack!” Another person had arrived. Windwalker, Stormshade, and Sylvi went over to check on them.
And so it went on. Each new arrival had a dragon(most of who Windwalker talked to) and some form of tiny electronic device charm(which none of the humans noticed!!!). Windwalker sniffed at Sylvi’s little charm, which was a tiny blue-silver laptop. It was floating around behind her, trailing her. Windwalker was about to pounce on it when it poofed into nothingness. She reeled back, confused.
Sylvi laughed. “What is it, Windy?” Her expression grew thoughtful. “Can I really call you Windy? I mean, I already call Hiccup’s Windwalker Windy...it wouldn’t make sense for there to be two Windys...or would it? Ah, forget it. You probably don’t even know what I’m talking about.”
But Windwalker did. She knew who Sylvi was talking about, because she was that person - Hiccup’s Windwalker was a real Windwalker.
Which made Sylvi…
“Team Astrid?!?”
“She can’t understand you,”
Stormshade repeated. “But yes.”
“Which means that everyone else here…” Windwalker looked around. ‘Fishy’ - That had to be FishlegsTheOfficialLogMaster. ‘Zira’ - That was Whoever, AKA Zira Shadow. Then there was also HttydLover14, Sparki Gamer, LunaTheSnowyOwl, Heather the Berserker, Tauriel Daughter of the Forest...
“What about them?” asked Saphira, a Hackatoo. Windwalker examined the room one final time before coming to her final conclusion.
“We’re the Berk’s Grapevine.”
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Zira Shadow
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Chapter Two
Insane New World
Eira fiddled furiously with the lock one final time before she finally stopped.
“It’s no use,” she groaned. “We’re trapped.”
The Berk’s Grapeviner(if Fishy was to be believed) across from her(who hadn’t given Eira her name yet) flicked her braid over one shoulder. “No, I refuse to believe that. There has to be a way out. There always is!”
But after a while it became clear that the way out would remain hidden. The girl sat down next to her dragon with a frustrated sigh. She blew her bangs out of her face from where they’d fallen for around the gazillionth time and stuck out a hand to Eira.
“I’m Geode, by the way.”
Eira accepted it. “I’m Eira. Also known as HttydLover14.”
Geode nodded. “You would know me as DagurDeWhite, I suppose.”
“DAGUR? Seriously?”
“Umm...yes…? Why do I feel like this isn’t a good thing…?”
“You’re a lot less ‘Deranged’ in real life,” Eira said, unsure how to put it.
Geode grinned. “Ah, rest assured I am actually much more insane than this. It’s just that that thing-” she gestured to the locked door. “-Is bad for morale.”
“Bkawk! Bkawk bawk baaaaawk!!” agreed a new voice, coming from around the corner. Then it began speaking English, although with a crisp (and somewhat chicken-like) British accent.
“I say that too!” squawked Tuffnut’s Chicken, who was apparently a real Chicken, just like Hiccup’s Windwalker was a real Windwalker. “Every time I come here, the gate is bawked! Lowers the morale of the little trainees, I say! BOKBOKBOKBAAAAAWK!!!!!!!!!!” The little chicken pecked at the ground.
Everyone stared.
“Okay,” said Heather, standing up in front of Windshear and successfully breaking the silence. “Um, Chicken, did you come here for the information session too? And if you did-”
“BAWK! No, Heathy. I’m here to give you the information session!”
A silence followed, along with the second stare-fest of the day.
“Bokbokbokbok! I work here! Bwahahaaak! You didn’t think modern-day people would give a chicken a - bwok - computer, did you? Bwok bokbok! Not even one as smart as I am!” Chicken puffed out her feathers proudly. “Or one who can fly like me!”
Zira raised an eyebrow. “Did you just say fly?”
“BWAK! Yes I did!” One of Chicken’s back feathers melted into a jetpack. She kickstarted it and proceeded to zoom around the room, cackling, “WHO SAYS CHICKENS CAN’T FLY? BAWK BOKBOK!!!!!!!!!!!”
The third session of staring and silence began.
A large green and black computer flickered on and began typing out what looked like lines of code. Only when Eira stepped up to it did she see this:

Hello, Berk’s Grapeviners. I apologize for not being able to communicate with you directly, but there was a bit of trouble getting even this far.

Spare them. Here’s the thing - we’re kind of sort of stuck as computer memories right now. See that USB on the side of this computer? Don’t touch it. That’s the only way we can communicate with you as of now.

Well aren’t you just Little Miss Cheerful.

Ignore him. Okay, so as some of you have guessed, we’re the Dragon Riders.

“WHAT?!?!?!” Acia yelled. Most of the Grapeviners(who were also reading the screen) reacted the same. Eira controlled her breathing(read: hyperventilation) and waited.

Yes, pretty much. I’m Hiccup.

I am Astrid.

Tuffnut, and Ruffnut, and Snotlout here.

I’m Fishlegs. And this color is all of us.

A miniature color coded key popped up that had this information on it. It shrunk into a small square and slid into a corner.

Now that you’ve got that drummed into your heads, we’ll explain a little more.

Yes, we did bring all of you here today because you - each and every one of you - were selected to become...well, I mean, the modern term is ‘spies’ but your job isn’t really to spy on anyone, so would it still apply? I mean…

Shut up, Mr. Dictionary. All you new recruits have something in you that Hiccup here thinks makes you good enough to be the Modern Day Dragon Riders.

Each one of you is a member of...Berk’s Grapevine? Is that right? Ah, well, it doesn’t matter right now. To get to the article that brings you here, to the Time Arena, click the center of the ‘R’ in ‘Berk’s’ and then press your hand to the screen like you did just now. Don’t worry, you only get knocked out the first time you come through - the system takes a while to get used to new people.

“Right. Um,” Eira cleared her throat. Talking to a computer screen and expecting it to answer officially weirded her out, but she went on anyways. “So, where are we right now?”
The computer screen blinked once like it was about to turn off, but then the screen refocused.

The Time Arena...

It was clear that this was going to be talked about later.
Stormspike purred at the computer screen, as if saying, continue.

Okay. So here’s what you need to know...

Both Eira and Stormspike watched, patiently reading the lines of text as they appeared. It seemed like this was going to be the first long and complicated day in this insane new world.
Zira stepped cautiously around Chicken as the little bird strutted around the Time Arena. After explaining that they and their dragons would be called upon through their electronic devices, that they would talk spy business(!!!) amongst themselves on the Mystery Article and with the Riders(double !!!) on toothl.es, and other things along those lines, the Dragon Riders had put them into Chicken’s capable wings for the ‘Toure Grande’ (Tuffnut’s words, not hers). And so they walked on through seemingly endless rooms and halls and open-top circular spaces and even a swimming pool once, Chicken occasionally pointing out things in each room.
“And here - bok! - we have the Weapons Room!” announced Chicken, as they walked into a room filled with racks of weapons, most of them Viking-style. However, in one rack in the corner of the room was a row of random modern-day things: a pair of shoes, a headband not unlike Astrid’s, a Dragon Rider’s saddlebag with the familiar Berk’s Grapevine crest on it, a paintbrush, a USB flashlight…
“Hey, wait a second,” said Sylvi. “This is my headband that went missing a few days ago!”
“And this is my USB!” realized Geode.
“Oh, no way,” said Zira, spotting a blue bracelet and four rubber bouncy balls that had disappeared a week or so ago from her home. She wheeled on Chicken, who was trying to look innocent. “Care to explain, Chicken?”
“Baaawk! Nope.”
The blue and white USB that the Riders’ computer had shrunk into buzzed angrily in Zira’s hand.
Chicken sighed. “Fine...these borrowed items have been installed with technology that, along with your dragons, will become some of your best weapons. After your intelligence, of course.” She stepped aside to allow each person to take their personal items back.
Zira slipped on the bracelet, then stumbled back as the four multicolored balls shot towards her.
“What the-?”
“Indeed, what the,” agreed Sylvi, whose headband had turned into a full-size axe and shield.
“I dunno...it’s kind of a cool what the…” said Geode, whose USB was now sparking at the tips like a Taser.
Windwalker - or at least the dragon-sized camouflaged part of the room that might have been Windwalker - growled in agreement.
The multicolored balls were sucked into the bracelet, where they became splotches of color. Zira stared at the bracelet for a moment, then grinned. “Cool.”
She angled the face of the bracelet towards Sylvi and willed the rubber balls to shoot out, which they did. They bounced once and soared directly towards her face.
Sylvi yelped and blocked the balls with her shield to defend herself - except the moment she had spun the shield, it began spilling freshly made Yak Chops.
In the moment of confusion, the balls caught Sylvi off-guard and she went flying, along with her tech. The axe embedded itself in the wall, and the shield hooked onto it - but not before Geode could steal a Yak Chop from it. Zira grinned wickedly.
“I think I’m getting the hang of it.”
“Oh, you’re on!” Team Astrid retrieved her weapons and fired off a round of Yak Chops. Whoever ducked all but one, which knocked her off balance and allowed Stormshade to pin her to the wall.
Sylvi smiled smugly and imitated Zira. “I think I’m getting the hang of it.”
“Fine, you win,” grumbled Zira, pretending to be mad.
“Hey, have you tried these? They’re so good! Maybe even Heather-made good!” Geode interjected.
Sylvi looked at her shield slightly sinisterly. “I don’t believe I have...yet!” She cackled evilly and spun the shield, which pulled more Yak Chops out of the air.
So they sat and ate the Yak Chops and tried to figure out their various items, in the end figuring out this:
-Whoever’s rubber balls(named Bluebird, Hummingbird, Tanager and Canary, never mind why they had names at all) had minds of their own and were more or less four bouncy balls of death.
-Team’s Gronckle Iron axe and shield could shrink into each other and the shield never stopped distributing Yak Chops(something they found out the hard way)
-Heather’s shoes allowed her to move over any solid surface without making a sound.
-Chicken(who was new to the technology used in the Time Arena)’s jetpack could keep her flying for an indeterminate amount of time as it ran on wind, thus whenever it was used it was charging at the same time. The feather it melted into was impossible to pluck out(luckily, they found this out the easy way).
-Lover’s saddlebag could hold an infinite number of things as long as they fit into the bag(even if they just barely fit) and it would be empty until she needed something, in which case it would spit said thing out immediately.
-Acia’s paintbrush was actually used for writing in the air. It required no paint and, when tucked behind her ear, would never fall out or be pulled out by anyone other than herself.
-DeWhite’s USB also doubled as a flashlight that could blind people. It, too, would not run out of charge - the flashlight ran on the Taser in the front of the USB(which also could be used as a regular USB flashlight) and the Taser ran on being solid...so, yeah.
-Scarlett’s key could open any lock, but the better quality of the lock, the longer it took to crack. The only door it would respond to immediately was Scarlett’s own house.
-Windy’s saddle turned into a backpack and could carry things that would disappear once it was a saddle once again(but not before that) and also could camouflage her.
-Fishy’s notepad would, once a question had been written on it, answer just about anything in insanely complicated riddles.
-Sparki’s peace-sign keychain turned into either a climbing rope or any length and thickness of (somewhat self-aware) chain that was made entirely of a mixture of dragon-proof metal and Gronckle Iron.
-Luna’s arm bracers became full-sized Gronckle Iron shields, edged with Razorwhip-style blades.
-Tauriel’s gloves and shoes allowed her to stick to or walk on any solid surface, even on vertical surfaces or upside-down.
So yes, it was INCREDIBLE. And they all seemed to be in agreement with the whole spy thing - they would get to A) Become dragon-riding more or less superheroes and B) Get to work with the Dragon Riders. The actual Dragon Riders, the ones they had pretty much grown up with(in some cases…) were real and would be helping them. Zira was pretty sure everyone was committed by now.
But, common sense argued, anyone could have set this up!
And while that was a good point, their dragons had trusted the computer with a compassion that a trained dragon would only give a Dragon Rider, and to be fair, the way Canada had purred at the computer screen made her sure that it was he real Dragon Riders - after all, they were the top suspects for sending the Groncicle to modern-day Canada 2017.
Scorpio purred inquisitively, tilting his black and indigo head to look at her. His twin sister flicked her braided tail in the air at Canada, who dodged it and began chasing Scorpia around the room, yipping excitedly.
It was a wonderful day in this insane new world.
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Heather the Berserker
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So many fandoms, so little sanity...

An insane new world
A crazy place I never knew
But when I'm crazy here
It's muddy clear
That now I'm in an insane new world with you
My place beside you
My blood for yours
Till the Green Ember rises
Or the end of the world

Bear the flame

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Team Astrid
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Deadly Nadder

Heather the Berserker
25 Feb 2017, 20:51
An insane new world
A crazy place I never knew
But when I'm crazy here
It's muddy clear
That now I'm in an insane new world with you

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Zira Shadow
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I have no idea what that song means...but okay!
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Zira Shadow
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(This isn't working on the Grapevine... :( )
Chapter 3
Diverse Zskillsz
Geode tightened her grip on Sardine’s saddle, cursing herself for volunteering to lead this mission. Every patch of turbulence sent them spinning like they were drowning in a huge river.
“SO,” yelled Scarlett, who was taking the right wing position. “DO WE HAVE A PLAN FOR ONCE WE REACH THE STORM?”
Sardine dove forwards into the storm, fighting to stay balanced. Now Geode couldn’t hear a lot of what the others were saying.
“WHAT...KIND...BEGINNERS TEST...THIS...ANYWAYS?” asked Chicken, whose jetpack allowed her to fly much more steadily than the dragons(seeing as the wind was charging it to the max). Apparently before now, Chicken had been just a Keeper of the arena, but she had been asked to join the Berk’s Grapevine Spy Guild-y Thingy.
“...KIND…MORE TEST THAN BEGINNERS,” said Heather, who was on left wing.
“OH…” Chicken clucked.
“CANADA, WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!” yelled Eira, swerving to avoid the red and white Groncicle, who now looked like she had recently thrown up. Stormspike screeched, caught off guard.
Just as the two dragons popped back into the Arena(as long as there was a computer nearby, you could get in), Geode noticed something about the air they were flying in. It smelled strange - almost like the description of…
“GUYS DRAGON ROOT WINDY WATCH OUT!” Geode shouted, wasting no words, but it was too late. The large black dragon was already struggling to keep altitude. As they watched in horror, Windy crashed onto the ground.
Naturally, all the other dragons crashed as well.
“Ugh…” Geode hauled herself up and examined the sky. The storm had all but stopped except for the rain - obviously the wild Skrill had flown away into the wherever-this-was sky.
She examined their surroundings. They were on a beach, and seeing as it curved around as far as Geode could see, on an island. The beach gave way to a small patch of forest before reaching the other side, which was also a beach. The dragons, who were mostly all back to normal, didn’t seem suspicious of anything on the island, so it seemed like a good place to rest. Besides, it was almost nighttime here. Usually this would mean Geode would be freaking out over what was happening back home, but the Riders had assured them that time would more or less freeze while they were on their training missions. Apparently they were easier to cloak when they were less powerful, meaning the better they got at spying the more they would need to sneak around. But for now, everything was good - a second in the modern world meant a whole month here.
But when Geode said most of the dragons…
“How’s Windy?” she asked Fishy, who was their unofficial doctor. (She had been studying medical things that Geode would probably never understand, and since she was a good study-er she might as well have had a PhD. They all trusted her, especially since she had also learned about dragons and their medical issues somewhere in the past.)
“Not good,” said Fishy. “The dragon root has a strange effect on her - I’ve never seen it before. It’s like it’s trying to take over her mind and then the rest of her. It’s downright creepy…”
“Hmm,” said Geode. “Wait here…” she took off towards where the others were building a camp for the night, led by Junior Architect Sylvi.
“Eira! Do you have your saddlebag?” she asked, once she’d reached them.
“Yes,” Eira said, after a dramatic pause in which she had put on a confused expression and pretended to think.
Crack! The sound of a campfire starting up distracted Geode. She looked over just in time to see the flames die in the light drizzle, even though they were covered.
“Okay. Good. So here’s the thing...it can summon anything, right?”
Eira looked at her suspiciously. “Yeeees…”
“Great. I need some salt.” Geode said, as clearly as she could.
Eira’s suspicion was immediately replaced with concern. “Grimoras?”
“Possibly.” Geode led her to Windwalker, who was now twitching uncomfortably as the best medic they had tried to calm her down.
Eira sprinkled salt all over Windy’s scales, but it elicited no reaction. Geode blew her bangs out of her face nervously.
Suddenly, a large wave washed over the dragon, and her eyes snapped open. She fired instantly, causing three surprised Grapeviners to jump out of the way as the campfire restarted, stronger this time.
A small, white, green and red-tinged dart fell onto the sand.
Geode snatched it up. “Gotcha!” But when she lifted it closer to her face to examine it, she frowned.
“That’s strange…”
But nobody had time to react, because in that second, more stun darts flew out of the sand, striking them, their dragons, and (to Sylvi’s later disappointment) the one wall of their camp that had managed to stay upright.
The wall crumbled to dirt, and Geode’s consciousness went with it.
Fishy woke up upside-down. Literally.
Her eyes snapped open to see the bright outline of a boulder blocking the entrance to a cave. When she tried to move her arms, she found that they were pinned to her sides with something like spider silk - sticky and strong.
“Hey,” said a voice. If not for the spider-silk-like thing, Fishy would have jumped high enough to clear the pile of translucent things that were stacked over in one corner of the room. As it was, she was wrapped so tightly in her cocoon that she could only shake slightly.
“Oh. Did I startle you? Sorry,” came the voice again. This time, Fishy tracked the voice to a cocoon in the far corner that had Geode, for once in her life with her bangs staying out of her face, encased in it.
“Nah, it’s fine. So…” Fishy paused. The blood rushing to her head made it harder to think, but she remembered something that could have been important. “You were saying...something was strange about the dart we found?”
“Yeaaah...it was almost like…” DeWhite shook her head angrily. “I can’t remember!”
“I can,” said the cocoon in the far corner - but the voice sounded unfamiliar.
“Oh. Good. Wait, who are you?” asked Geode.
“Ragna. But you would know me as Windwalker, I suppose,” said the cocoon.
Fishy gaped. “Wait, Windy? Seriously?”
“Well, I have to type somehow, don’t I?” asked Ragna/Windy.
“Good point,” said Geode. “So, Miss Windwalker, why the human-ness all of a sudden?”
“Reflex,” said Windy. “Sometimes I fall asleep in dragon form at home, and then if someone comes in and sees a dragon instead of me...well, long story short, it would not be good for anybody. Anyway, the darts reminded me of Sandshark darts, only modified in some way. More spidery, I guess.”
“Riiight...Sandsharks,” said Geode.
A metallic chink announced the presence of Luna activating her bladed shields, which did nothing.
Ragna shifted into Windwalker, successfully tearing her cocoon apart. She then proceeded to tear off the cocoons with her talons.
“Thanks, Windy. Or Ragna, I guess-” started Fishy.
Windy growled.
Fishy held up her hands in surrender. “Okay, Windy works too!”
The boulder creaked and everyone froze.
“Sandspiders,” whispered Geode.
“Nice name. Now how do we get out of here alive?” hissed Fishy.
“I have no idea,” Geode replied...just as the boulder was pushed aside by one of the strangest dragons Fishy had ever seen.
Sandspiders were dappled black and gold, about the size of small Speed Stingers, slightly smaller than their Sandshark counterparts. They had little green tips at the ends of their ‘fin’ (adapted from Sandsharks), and bloodred, almost glowing eyes. They had four legs (each with webs in between their talons), thank Thor, but their wings were more adapted to keeping balance on sand and swimming than flying. Fishy predicted they would only be able to glide short distances, but could be powerful and deadly in the water. Suddenly she caught sight of a bright red hourglass symbol on the back of the dragon that had slunk into the room and was now growling at them, spidery needle teeth bared.
Fishy froze. Of all the spiders for Sandsharks to evolve into, why did it have to be Black Widows?
More Sandspiders began to pour in. Fishy looked around desperately for an exit.
A zapping noise announced that Geode had opened her USB Taser. Luna raised her blade-shields defensively. Sparki readied his rainbow peace sign keychain. The others all prepared for a fight as well.
The lead Sandspider growled. Fishy, who understood more Dragonese than a normal Viking(though not as much as Hiccup did) could make out these words.
“Food...stay...we eat...run...not help you.”
“Umm...yeah, I’m thinking no,” said Fishy, as best as she could, in Dragonese.
“You are...wishing blue?” asked the evidently puzzled Sandspider.
Fishy sighed, which seemed to be enough for the dragon. He signaled to his pack, which growled and advanced.
The lead Sandspider shot several darts at Fishy in a neat, orderly line. Fishy stepped to one side, then watched in horror as the boulder behind her crumbled to dust.
Just because of a few well-aimed darts, marveled Fishy. These darts were grey, gold and red and seemed to be corrosive as well as incredibly strong and heavy, as opposed to the knockout darts, which seemed small and light.
Another dart whizzed past her, and Fishy picked up the nearest thing to her to defend herself: a piece of translucent blue plastic. The dart slammed right into the middle of it and it shattered.
The Sandspiders whimpered, and suddenly, Fishy got an idea. She picked up another translucent thing from the pile, which upon closer inspection appeared to be a pale pink glass plate. She smashed it against the wall.
The Sandspiders began retreating, much to the surprise of the Grapeviners.
Fishy picked up a third item from the pile. The vivid green of the plastic lightbulb (whaaat?) seemed to wink at her as she held it up to the entrance to the cave.
The Sandspiders shrunk back nervously. The Grapeviners stared at the scene in front of them. Her next move would determine whether or not they would live or die.
Fishy placed the lightbulb back on top of the pile of objects and extended her hand to the lead Sandspider.
After an agonizing moment, the Sandspider pushed its scaly nose into Fishy’s palm. The sand dragons were no longer a threat, and they would be free to live.
After coming back out into what was now the beach at night, the Sandspiders burrowed into the sand and left with some parting Yak Chops. The camp was rebuilt and this time, partially dug underground in honor of the Sandspiders, who would act as night guards for tonight. After that, the trained dragons could do whatever they wanted, although Fishy hoped they were still going to be on the Grapeviners’ side. They were charming little dragons when they trusted you.
That night, what with the warm fire, her friends all around her, the safe feeling in the air and the brilliant indigo velvet sky sprinkled with diamonds above, Fishy found it very easy to fall asleep.
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Aphmau is the best!

LOVE IT! But when am I going to start talking....?
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This is amazing!!! <3
Clouds of corn <3
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Heather the Berserker
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So many fandoms, so little sanity...

Wonderful!!!! ^^
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