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Topic Started: 16 Jul 2019, 07:03 (5157 Views)
Thomas 618147
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Long long ago. Way before dragons were domesticated a witch was dying. The sight was so ugly and so horrific no word can deliver justice to this scene.

She looked to be older than time himself, her skin was thinner than paper, her eyes were so pale they were whiter than snow, her bones are made of glass that's already smashed, and her breaths...Her breaths were so loud and hourse all the water in the world can't get rid of it.

The smell was so horrid one would immediately loose their sense of smell as it had murdered their nostles.

But her apprentice stood by loyal as ever. Her apprentice looked like a mini version of her mentor, but only slightly younger and fitter.

The witch only had moments left to live and she didn't waste them on any goodbyes or farewells to the extemlmly short list of allies left alive, but on a phrophacy. It ran like something like this:

The first runt shall train all dragons
The second runt's death shall break the Wilderwest
The third runt shall set all dragons free
The fourth and the last runt shall bring the dragons back to an unrecognizable home.

And the witch died the moment the word home left her lips.
Her apprentice somehow knew that this must be kept secret at all times.
This phrophacy was so secret thatĀ  even Excellinor had no idea of it.

The prophecy was relayed, untilĀ  the phrophacy was written down by the last witch who knew of it, for she knew that the 3rd part is already happening.

But she chose to stand by and let fate take it's course, but something told her that the 4th runt needed this, and she hoped that the unrecognizable home, which she guessed was nearly 2000 years into the future will be a great place for the dragons.

She was right about one half. But not the other.
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