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What does your friends/family think of your addiction?
Topic Started: 25 Apr 2014, 18:30 (7122 Views)
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Whether they're with you, think you're insane, or frankly just don't really mind, we all know that someone knows about your httyd obsession besides us.
So what does everyone think? XD
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[color=#d51c1c]The Lemon God

My HTTYD obsession is one of by best kept secrets...
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i dont think my avatar is working but ehh

My family thinks I'm a normal school girl who's life is on the computer...
My classmates think I'm a shy,smart,normal student
My good friends think I'm talkative and a bit weird.
My best friends know that I'm crazy and a goofball who just loves talking about HTTYD.
Does that answer your question?
i'm not very active anymore!! it's sad, but i'll come back sometimes to feel nostalgic ahaha
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Monstrous Nightmare

My family sometimes jokes about it, but only good-naturedly! I don't really have any friends, I'm home schooled and shy when in public.
Bu-ut, I'm too scared to ask for anything HTTYD related. I NEED TO! I want the Art of HTTYD 2 so bad! :huh:
Sometimes my mom thinks I spend a bit too much time on this website, and she's right, I'm trying. My dad is exiled for the next movie as well, and does not think too much of it, except that I should be careful on the internet. My brother is fine with it, he has his obsessions too. He also enjoys Hiccdew's jokes. My sister likes HTTYD as well, but I don't think on the same level as I do.
What should I write on my signature? Hmm...
I am a Httyd, Gravity Falls and Portal (One and two) fan.
I'm also a bookworm and an introvert.
That was pretty random, but that's me summed up in two sentences.
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Blacksmith Apprentice

My family doesn't really know the extent of my obsession. My friends definitely do (I somehow always connect the conversation to HTTYD). Because I'm an avid guitar player, I find that I'm much more comfortable ranting about the music than the overall movie, even though I love both dearly.
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Berserk Shieldmaiden
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Superior Warriorness

My hubby doesn't think anything of it. He has his obsessions too.
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[color=blue]I'm just here for Snotlout.

Well my sister thinks I'm insane and my mom hates animated movies. Is that good enough for you?
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Hiccup's Girlfriend

My friends don't really know my level of obsession. They only know that I watch the movie a lot and post lots of random HTTYD shizz on my Facebook.

My family kinda hates it, but they put up with it. My dad jokes about the movie with me all the time. We'd be watching random movies and he'd just be like "Where's Toothless?". He's already said that he won't see HTTYD 2 in theaters, but if we want to see it in IMAX, I might be able to convince him to take us into the state capitol city (where he works). My mom and my sister go with it (my HTTYD obsession, I mean). Sometimes they give me that look that says "Stop. You're getting on my nerves". Yet, they both agreed to go see HTTYD 2 in the theaters this June.

Basically, at home, I try not to talk much about the movie franchise. That's why I come here everyday. XD
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My parents don't know anything about it. They would probably laugh about me.

They standing right behind me while typing this, so shhhh. ;)

No, I'm serious....stop it..
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Dragon's Apprentice
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Mr. Potato Sandwich

Only one girl knows my obsession with all animated movies :) she knows i'm watching the countdown clock for HTTYD2 but she doesn't know i rp HTTYD on this website :L I was going to tell her everything, but as i was talking to her about it we were watching HTTYD a few days ago (she'd never seen it :o) and I think i weirded her out a little :L I am not a well adjusted person when HTTYD is on :p
She did really like the movie obviously :p
I talked her into coming with me to see no.2 when it comes out :)
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