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In need of quotes!
Topic Started: 03 Sep 2015, 16:15 (585 Views)
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Trying to hatch from the egg

For an upcoming project I'm in need of as many quotes as you can think of from everything Dragons!

All kinds of quotes are accepted. Only quotes from the books and comics will not be accepted. The quotes can be said by any character, in every movie, TV series episode and mini movie. Even deleted scenes or other if you know a good one.

If everything goes as planned, this project will go live on Monday (7th of September) and of course there will be a separate topic about it when it is live.

Okay, but where do I submit my quotes?!
Right here, in this handy dandy Google Form

Wait, who are you again?
Yeah, I'm not that great with forums as one might have noticed, but I am Iantje. I joined about a month or two ago and was active for a few days. Then, me being me, I forgot about the forums and stopped being active. I'll try to be more active on the Forumvine, but no promises!

Project, what kind of project?
It'll be a website, but what the website will do, what the URL is and what it will look like is a secret for when it goes live!

Thanks in advance <3
I am Iantje

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Failed Archivist of Berk

Just wanted to stir up some more interest in this, as the more quotes that are submitted, the better the super secret website will be!

Come on, you must all have quotes that you love!

Astrid - "Hictooth"?
Hiccup - Yeah, it's not my snappiest comeback.
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