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Hiccup imperssenation Test/Race to the Edge Fandub
Topic Started: 08 Oct 2015, 10:38 (560 Views)
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My only master is the free wind

Hey guys!
After some time of practicing this, I think I came up with a Hiccup voice which sounds less like my regular voice and a bit more like Jay Baruchel(Not 100% simillar, but close enough I think). So I thought, who would give me a better feedback on it than the fans themselves? Now, if you remember another thread I opened about a Hiccup fandub, this is a different one which is also in English, so you could understand this one! Thus, here's the link to the video! I hope you will like this and I'm waiting to hear your criticism!

To the video!

Note: Yes, I'm aware of the obvious accent and I was kind of rushed to finish this near the end. I hope these won't be too distracting...

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Hideous Zippleback

I think you did a really good job with the inflections of Jay Baruchel's voice from the beginning through the point where Hiccup first sees the Dragon Eye. :) Like you said, you can tell that you were rushing towards the end, but I think the first thirty seconds or so are very good!
One small thing I noticed is that your voice growls a little in the lower pitches, and I think that's really when you stop sounding like Hiccup. I've never done any voice acting at all, so I'm afraid that I don't have any pro tips or recommendations for you, but I enjoyed watching that. Keep working hard!

The best Secret Odin GIF(t) ever, made for me by DeWhite! Thank you! :D
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