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Hiccup is Coming Home - Music Video
Topic Started: 01 Aug 2016, 09:40 (696 Views)
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My only master is the free wind

Hey everyone!
So I had this little idea in my head for a story-based AMV, and now when it's done I'm sharing it with you guys! This is the first time I've done something like this, where the music video also tells a story, so feedback on that will be much appreciated :)


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mystery dragon, pic drawn by night fury fire. Thank you

That was really good :D
I really liked it :D
Dragons, need I say more.

Hiccup, chief of berc, dragon master.
Toothless, alpha dragon.
You and me bud we can do this, as one.
It's just a zipple misunderstanding
I like a pit, but I love a boar pit.
i am hurt,I am very much hurt.
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Berkian Musican

Awesome! :D
Just another fan of How to Train Your Dragon.
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