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"He's Not the Only One" AU
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"Let's hope Snotlout and the twins aren't giving Fishlegs too hard of time," Hiccup joked.
Fishlegs tried his best not to let his anxiousness show, however, leading a dangerous mission like this one, where one wrong move would result in indefinite capture, was nerve-racking. How Hiccup did it so often he may never know. Luckily for them the ship's crew was too focused on catching up to Drago's flagship to notice the three dragons. Fishlegs looked behind his shoulder and could just barely see the shape of New Berk fading away. Still no sign of Hiccup and Astrid.
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"Stormfly is very beautiful" Eira said continuing her reach to pet the dragon. She spoke softly in dragon speak, commenting on the dragon's wings and coloration. "Stormfly says she very much cares for you" She said to Astrid, as she scratched the dragon's chin. "As Toothless is of you Chief Hiccup."

Rider glanced around, "Your friends are on patrol I assume?" He eyed the dragons, as Shadow came back toward the ground meeting Toothless half way.

Eira looked between The dragons and people, "Toothless says he's hoping you'll let us stay. I'm sorry to say we didn't bring any extra fish," She translated with a laugh, watching the two dark dragons. "Is there somewhere we can speak in private? " She saw the faint outline of their ship coming into view, "That is our ship there, with the white flag. I'm sure our dragons and workers will enjoy the rest here. She wandered in the small area as she spoke, in awe of all the dragons. She couldn't believe it. All this time, there was another island out there, like hers. And she never knew.

"Eira was raised by dragons," Rider explained, "But that's another story..." He didn't want to bring up Kelii out in the open, at least not unless Eira was ready to.
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"Raised by dragons, huh? That's incredible!" Hiccup marveled. "As for a private place to talk, sure, I can clear out the Great Hall and we could go there."
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"Get away from us," Magin snarled at the Dragon Hunters who were taking him and Lucretia to the arena.
One of the men grinned mockingly. "What are you going to do, boy?"
Magin didn't respond, tensing his muscles and preparing to attack. Both of the Hunters were enormous, but he and Lucretia had been taught how to overpower larger opponents.
He looked at Lucretia. One, he mouthed to her.
With a scream, he ran at the Dragon Hunter nearest to him, and Lucretia charged towards the other man. However, Magin's body hadn't completely overcome the effects of the Deathgripper venom, and his legs were still weak. He stumbled, falling. One of the Hunters grabbed his arms and pulled him upright, shoving him roughly, while Lucretia was forced to follow behind.
Well, that worked perfectly, he thought sarcastically.
The minutes passed as they continued to walk, until eventually they reached the arena, which was better described as a massive pit carved out of the ice on the ground, lined with seats. There was a huge metal net covering the top — Magin guessed that was intended to stop the dragon combatants from escaping by simply flying out of the arena — and several sturdy metal doors surrounded the inside of the pit, including a tunnel, presumably leading to where the fighters, human or otherwise, were confined inside their cages between each match.
He was pushed again by the Hunter. His legs were shaking, threatening to make him collapse, and not because of the Deathgripper venom. Desperately, he tried to control his terror and forced himself to walk into the arena beside Lucretia.
"Welcome to your new home," the Hunter said.
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Meanwhile, on another part of the island, Ottar was confined to a cage meant for dragons. It would've been pitch black in there if not for a few torches lining the wall outside his cell. Despite the low lighting he could tell he was in some sort of cave and that he wasn't alone. There were dragons screeching and banging their heads against their cages. It hurt to hear their desperate cries. In fact, it almost felt like he was back working for Grimmel again. He shuddered; he'd rather die than go back to that life.
Glancing at the cage across from him he realized he was being watched. A pair of yellow eyes gazed at him intently from the bars. "Hello?" he said to the creature even though he knew it couldn't understand him.
"Talking to yourself already?" came a voice, making Ottar jump. Out of the shadows stepped Cadell. In the flickering torchlight the boy almost looked threatening, but Ottar knew better. Cadell was just another one of Drago's pawns; he blindly did everything his master commanded. He tossed Ottar a plate of poorly prepared mutton before turning to face the cage behind him.
"You know you don't have to do this," Ottar said, "You know my story. It's not too late to change."
Cadell ignored him and dumped a bucket of fish into the dragon's cage. The dragon growled at him and two tusks emerged from its lower lip.
"Venomjaw?" Ottar exclaimed.
The dragon's eyes turned back to Ottar and it roared happily.
"Venomjaw!" Ottar confirmed with elation.
Cadell rolled his eyes, "Oh how touching," he spat before leaving the cave.
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