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"He's Not the Only One" AU
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"I'm not going to kill you," Grimmel declared while removing his fingers from the crossbow's trigger.
"Then what?" questioned Ottar, even though he already knew the answer.
"You must be punished for your treachery." An evil smile spread across Grimmel's face. "And death is too good for you." He then turned to Drago. "I accept your deal."
Drago grunted. "Good."
Ottar glanced from Grimmel to Drago uneasily. "Deal?"
"None of your business," growled Drago.
"No, no," drawled Grimmel, "the boy deserves to know. He is a part of it after all." Turning back to Ottar, he explained, "You and your dragon will be taken into my custody, and in return, I will help Drago destroy the remaining Night Fury population."
Suddenly Ottar felt queasy.
"Take him away," Drago instructed Cadell.
The boy nodded, leading Ottar out of the room.
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"I'm not going to kill you," Magin told Agnar.
One of the arena guards walked up to him, holding a sword and shield to match those that Agnar had. Magin threw them on the ground and turned to face the crowd. "I won't fight."
Their cheering turned to shouts of outrage, and he saw another guard approaching him, holding some sort of collar lined with spikes on the inside, which were smeared with the purple Deathgripper venom that Cadell had drugged him with yesterday. He tried to run, but the man grabbed Magin and held him still as he attached the collar to his neck.
"One of the gifts from Grimmel," the Dragon Hunter said. "For delivering the traitor to him. He uses these on his Deathgrippers, and they work on people, too."
Magin could barely hear him. The spikes of the collar were stabbing into his neck, filling his bloodstream with the venom. His mind had gone blank, erasing his thoughts, until the only thing he was aware of was the opponent in front of him.
With a snarl, he grabbed his weapons and ran at Agnar, who brought his shield up to protect his body. Magin slammed the blade of his sword into the shield, again and again, with such force that Agnar kept being pushed towards the wall of the arena. His foot slipped in a puddle of blood from one of the earlier fights and he fell, landing on his back with his throat exposed.
Magin's mind screamed at him to kill his opponent, to stab the sword into his neck, but the small part of him which wasn't lost reminded him that he couldn't. He had promised himself that he would never kill anyone again.
Magin gritted his teeth and reached into his boot. Pulling out the needle filled with Deathgripper venom, he lifted it towards the air, then plunged it into Agnar's throat.
Books are like dragons... if we do not believe in them, and read them, they will cease to exist.
How then will we learn the language and understand the stories of the dear dead ghosts of the past?

—Cressida Cowell, How to Fight a Dragon's Fury

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As he moved away from Drago's chamber the muffled voices of the two men inside got fainter and fainter. Ottar knew they were talking about him, and even though he couldn't quite make out what they were saying, he was aware that they were not pleasant things.
Cadell took him back to the cell he had been in before. "Grimmel will come by to pick you up later," he said.
Sighing, Ottar looked past Cadell at Venomjaw's cage. But there was no dragon inside. His eyes widened. "Where is Venomjaw?"
Cadell glanced back at the empty cage and shrugged.
Raising his voice, Ottar asked again, "Where is my dragon?"
Reaching for his bottle of Deathgripper venom, Cadell spat, "I said I don't know."
"But you do," countered Ottar.
"You're calling me liar?"
"Well," Ottar laughed, "it's the truth, spy."
With a growl, Cadell swiped the bottle of Deathgripper venom out. Plunging it between the bars of the cage, he attempted to inject it into Ottar's arm.
But Ottar fought back. Grabbing the boy's wrist he tried to push the injector out of the cage, and hopefully make Cadell sting himself instead.
Cadell was stronger than he looked. He held fast; although he wasn't able to get the needle any farther into the cage.
So Ottar tried a new tactic. Still gripping Cadell's wrist, he wrapped his fingers around the bottle with his free hand, trying to yank it out of the boy's grasp.
Cadell wasn't having it. Jerking his hand upward, a smug smile crossed his face as the needle pierced through Ottar's hand and the venom flowed into it.
Knowing he was defeated, Ottar let go, staggering backward as the venom started to take effect. The earth beneath his feet seemed to be moving and his head pounded with the force of a hammer. Sliding against the wall, he passed out in moments.
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The faint little outline of New Berk had dissipated long ago. Fishlegs looked over his shoulder for the thousandth time, expecting to see nothing but water. To his surprise, three dragons were making their way towards him! It was Hiccup and Astrid and...well, whoever that third dragon rider was.
"Hiccup," he whispered when the three dragons had caught up with the rest, "is everything okay back at New Berk?"
Hiccup nodded. "This is Eira," he gestured to the woman on the back of a Night Fury-like dragon, "she's the one who came by. Her--" He cut himself off, not wanting to say anything Eira might rather keep private. "Um...Someone close to her was captured by Dragon Hunters." He decided to let her choose whether or not to tell the other Riders that Kelii was her sister.
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(Posting this here since you have PMs turned off - Hey NightLight, I'm not sure if you'll ever see this, but if you do, do you mind reposting that cute old drawing you made that features one of my OCs (I think it was Blueberry/Bean)? I'm trying to back up/download/redownload old art from here, and the old desktop I think I may have downloaded it on doesn't really work properly anymore and I'm afraid I may have lost it. Thanks!

Also, if you do come back and see this restart this RP, please just remove me from the character list since I've left the Vine.)
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