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"He's Not the Only One" AU
Topic Started: 12 Sep 2020, 15:57 (10845 Views)
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"As long as you stay out of ... arrow range," Hiccup called after him, slowing down as he realized the twins were already out of earshot. Oh well. Fishlegs would see to it that they did. Probably. "Alright," he said, turning to the girls, "let's go." He turned Toothless into the clouds, planning to go the long way around as an extra precaution.
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Night Fury, Light Fury, Deadly Nadder, Razorwhip hybrid

Cadell stared into those pale blue eyes of Grimmel's. They looked dead, but he knew better. They were as sharp as a hawk's.
His heart was beating out of his chest. He attempted to regulate his breathing as he stared death in the face. Not an easy thing to do.
Grimmel increased the pressure fractionally on the trigger in preparation to shoot, but then one of his hunters' voices cut across the crowd. "Dragon Riders!"
Both captor and captive turned towards the voice. Dragon Riders? For a moment, Cadell's heart surged with relief. But then he remember the Riders had no idea he had switched sides. He was a recognizable figure. If they started shooting, he'd never see the fireball coming.
With that thought, he turned back to Grimmel. The old hunter had his eyes slitted as he started up at the sky, sizing up the Riders.
Now was his chance. He considered slipping away quietly, but at this range, he'd never manage it. Instead, he jumped to his feet and shoved the old hunter over before he had time to react. Then he ran like lightening.
The bolt that hissed past his ear a few moments later only helped to quicken his pace.
"Get him!" he heard Grimmel screech. "Get that treacherous little snake!"
He took in his surroundings as he went. Magin was still being detained by one brute, Lucretia another, and Ottar was tied to the burning airship. Before he had time to decide who to go after, a hunter blocked his path and started swinging his axe vertically towards him.
Cadell leapt back, and before the axe had even sliced into the ground where he once stood, was on another path. A path lead to the airship. It was possible that the fire would burn Ottar's bonds and free him, but it was equally possible that it would burn him in the process. Not to mention, with the Deathgripper venom flowing through his veins, he might not even notice he was free.
The hunters were in hot pursuit, but he was quicker. There were no obstacles to the airship. All the men had cleared the vicinity when the fire started.
He made it there unhindered and took the dagger out of his sheath. "Ottar," he spoke firmly, "we're getting out of here."
The young man looked at him curiously, as if trying to place him. "Alright," he said at length.
Cadell hadn't waited for his answer. He had already moved behind the pole Ottar was bound to and was working his way through the knotted rope. The fire raged beside him, it hadn't quite reached the pole yet, but it was coming, and it was coming fast.
And then they snapped. Just as the ropes fell away, Cadell heard another sound, a far less welcome sound. Hunters screaming a war cry as they closed in on their target.
One of them was a sword length away from Ottar, who stood there like an oblivious child. Cadell prepared for an attack, when suddenly the ground the bulk of the soldiers were standing on exploded in a shower of sparks. The Riders were in shooting range.
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