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HTTYD-DW Crackverse
Topic Started: 01 Nov 2018, 06:39 (1395 Views)
Light Fury
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Cape Starling

So, this is a roleplay based on a mash-up of HTTYD and Doctor Who. The Doctor is an alien that has a humanoid form and a dragon form (me) who has a TARDIS that can travel in time and space (duh), but also between realities.

Y'all are dragons/Vikings/aliens/characters from some other reality. You can be multiple characters, but at least one OC. Applications to be a canon HTTYD character will be considered.

Outline the following in your first post for each character:

Preferred personal pronouns:
Physical description:
Skills and interests:
Special abilities:
Which reality they are from:

E.g. for me:
Name: The Doctor
Preferred personal pronouns: masculine when in human form, feminine when in dragon form
Physical description: In human form, basically Jodie Whittaker's Doctor, but male, with VLD Keith's hair and eyes, medium brown skin. In dragon form, a Light Fury with violet eyes.
Skills and interests: (see Jodie Whittaker's Doctor. Basically very smart, socially awkward, good at building things, loves coats)
Special abilities: can change between human and dragon forms
What reality I am from: The HTTYD-DW Crackverse

I kind of want this to read like a book, so if you could maintain the 3rd person conventions, that would be great. I'll kick off the story in about a week, so that we have enough characters. :D

PM me if you have any questions

Brother in arms of the forgotten disaster branch, Saturn Starlings.
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Light Fury
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Cape Starling

So, no one wants their OCs to meet with their favourite characters from other franchises? I have to say I'm disappointed.

Brother in arms of the forgotten disaster branch, Saturn Starlings.
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