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"He's Not the Only One" AU
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Deadly Nadder

Magin's blue eyes widened in suspicion. "Really? Are you sure about that?"
He removed the dagger from his belt and moved towards Cadell threateningly.
Lucretia walked up to him and grabbed his arm. "Magin, don't," she said. "You've interrogated him enough today."
Hiccup nodded. "Your girlfriend is right. And Cadell won't lie to us, at least not after you questioned him earlier. I believe him."
Magin's olive skin turned crimson. "She's not my girlfriend," he insisted. Scowling, he reluctantly put the dagger back in his belt, pointedly ignoring Hiccup's amused smile.
Books are like dragons... if we do not believe in them and read them, they will cease to exist.
How then will we learn the language and understand the stories of the dear dead ghosts of the past?

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.

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Cadell looked incredulously at Hiccup. This New Berk certainly wasn't like any other place he had been before, the chief gave people the benefit of the doubt, prisoners were not executed, not to mention the fact that the people rode dragons.

Ottar had been listening to the whole conversation. He sincerely hoped this experience would make Cadell realize that dragons were not meant to be caged. He glanced down at Venomjaw who had curled up at his feet. Suddenly the Deathgripper jumped up, turning his head to the horizon and growling menacingly. "Whoa," Ottar exclaimed, placing a hand on Venomjaw's head to sooth him, "what is it?" Venomjaw unsheathed his tusks to make himself look even more formidable.
Ottar glanced back at the jail and saw that Toothless was doing the same thing. Hiccup was kneeling beside the Night Fury, "Easy bud, easy," he was saying.
In fact, all the dragons appeared to be on edge. It seemed like there was a mass migration to the stables. And there were other dragons growling just like Toothless and Venomjaw.
Suddenly, a horn was blasted with no remorse for the Viking's ears. "Something's wrong," Hiccup murmured.
Ottar jumped onto Venomjaw's back, "C'mon" he said, patting the dragon's head. Venomjaw flapped into the air and Ottar could see ships advancing towards New Berk; no, scratch that, they had already made it to the island's edge! Armored dragons of all kinds were flying towards the village and Ottar was sure men were following on foot. He steered Venomjaw back to the ground. "Looks like Drago got sick of waiting for his spy to return," he told Hiccup.
"Oh, great," Hiccup sighed. He jumped into Toothless' saddle and took off, quickly followed by Ottar and Venomjaw.
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Deadly Nadder

"What about us?" Lucretia called to Hiccup.
"You can ride on Venomjaw, if you want, and Magin can go on Toothless," he replied, briefly stopping in the air.
Magin shook his head. "No, thanks. I'd rather walk."
"Well, it's your decision, of course. What about you, Lucretia?"
"I'll ride Ottar's dragon," she said. Venomjaw went closer to the ground so that she could climb on him, and she used the spikes on his back to steady herself as she sat down. Then the Deathgripper flew off into the sky.
Magin watched until Toothless and Venomjaw were nothing more than tiny specks in the distance. He hadn't told Hiccup that he wanted to stay behind in order to ensure Cadell didn't make an escape attempt, and the others had apparently forgotten about the boy. Trying to stay quiet, he saw Drago's spy looking around, checking that there wasn't anybody nearby.
A decade ago, when he was five years old, Magin lived with his uncle, the chieftain of their tribe, who looked after him when his parents had left. Judok had taught him everything he knew about hunting and tracking, including how to move silently so that he didn't alert the prey.
With barely any sound, he walked up behind Cadell, who started running. Screaming a battle cry, Magin charged at him, wrapping his arms around the boy and knocking him to the ground. Cadell was two years older than him and he was larger, but Magin was faster and better at fighting. He removed the dagger from his belt. With one hand, he held the blade, and with the other, he pressed his fingers against Cadell's throat, trying to choke him into unconsciousness as he'd been taught when he was training to fight in the arena, but Cadell grabbed his wrists and squeezed them so that he had to let go. Magin automatically dropped his dagger and Cadell quickly seized it. He stood behind the other boy and held the blade to his throat.
"Looks like I have the control now," he taunted, his mouth parting in a cruel smile. For most of his life, Cadell had been made to do Drago's bidding. He had no power. Magin knew what it was to not have any will of his own, to be forced to obey somebody, but that didn't mean he sympathised with the boy. If he'd been able to, he would have stabbed the dagger into Cadell's neck.
Suddenly, he heard someone walking towards them. For a second, he was terrified, thinking that it was Drago, but this man didn't have the dragonskin cloak and dark dreadlocks that the "Dragon God" apparently wore. In fact, the soldier couldn't have looked any more different to Drago. He was young — probably about the same age as Cadell — with no beard, an unscarred, handsome face, a skinny physique, pale skin, eyes as blue as a winter morning, and blond hair tied back with a piece of cloth.
"What's this, then?" he asked. The soldier had the same accent as Cadell. "Did you actually capture one of the lizard-lovers?"
Cadell flicked his eyes quickly towards the mark on the back of Magin's neck. "No, he's a slave," he responded. "But he doesn't belong to any of the tribes in the Archipelago. He's from somewhere else. I think we should take him to Drago."
"Weasel," Magin snarled at Cadell. "Always trying to save your own skin."
"Shut up," the blond soldier growled. He removed the scrap of cloth from his hair and tied Magin's hands behind his back. "Should we knock him out?" he asked Cadell.
"That's probably a good idea," the boy replied. "If he gets free of those restraints, he's a skilled enough fighter to take both of us down, even without a weapon."
Magin watched as Cadell removed the dagger from his throat and aimed the handle towards him, drawing back the blade. He felt the pain as the hilt of the weapon slammed into the side of his head, then everything went dark and he knew nothing more.
Books are like dragons... if we do not believe in them and read them, they will cease to exist.
How then will we learn the language and understand the stories of the dear dead ghosts of the past?

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.

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When Toothless and Venomjaw made it to the ships their riders realized at least two more ships were in the harbor since the time they had taken off. The other Riders were already at the scene blasting at the ships and dodging arrows, catapults, and nets. Hiccup urged Toothless on and the Night Fury dove right into the middle of the fight. Toothless asserted his dominance as alpha to an armored Thunderclaw who had the upper hand on a Hobblegrunt giving the Hobblegrunt enough time to make an escape. Then he plasma blasted a net that was headed straight towards Fishlegs and Meatlug.
Ottar, on the other hand, had Venomjaw refrain from the fight as he scouted out where the best place to attack would be. Under normal circumstances he would've jumped in dragons blazing like the rest of the Riders but this time he wouldn't just be putting himself at risk. He glanced back at Lucretia, "Hang on," he said as Venomjaw darted towards one of the ships that had newly arrived and had yet to be under fire. Venomjaw sprayed out a generous amount of his fiery acid onto the deck causing it to burst into flames. As they were retreating from the ship a net shot out of the smoke Ottar just caught it out of the corner of his eye, "Venomjaw!" he screeched as he desperately turned the dragon so quickly that it sent Venomjaw into an uncontrolled downward spiral. Ottar clung to Venomjaw's spikes for dear life, he turned his head around to make sure Lucretia was still on Venomjaw's back, she too was clinging to Venomjaw's spikes. The dragon unfurled his impressive wings just in time to skim the water and fly up again but as he did a catapult fired a boulder that hit the dragon's back; the shock of it sent Venomjaw falling into the sea where a net engulfed him.
It took five hunters to haul the Deathgripper and its riders up onto the deck of the ship. Ottar took in his surroundings, the ship he had attacked was still burning, this was a different one, he didn't remember seeing a ship in this position so he figured it had just arrived on the scene. A particularly tall and muscular hunter roughly grabbed Ottar by his hair, holding him down as another hunter tied his hands together and gagged him; then they did the same to Lucretia. As they did that others were muzzling Venomjaw. Venomjaw brought out his stinger and attempted to jab it into the arm of the man who had muzzled him to no avail. The man, along with two others, grabbed his tail and held it down. Ottar watched helplessly for a moment before the tall hunter snatched his arm, dragging him and Lucretia away.

Meanwhile, Hiccup and the Riders were putting up a good fight. However, they were so busy fighting they didn't notice Cadell and the blonde hunter sneaking onto the flagship with an unconscious Magin. Once Drago was alerted that Cadell was back and that they had captured three new prisoners and a dragon he was satisfied; he ordered the ships to retreat.
Toothless dodged a boulder that had been catapulted at him and was coming back around to fire at the ship it had been released from but much to Hiccup's surprise the ship was slowly turning around--all of them were!
"What are they doing?" a voice from behind asked.
Hiccup turned around to see Snotlout and Hookfang, "I'm not sure," he murmured.
"Well I say we should give them a parting gift!" Snotlout smirked as he urged Hookfang on.
Toothless flew in front of Hookfang, "No," Hiccup said firmly, "we've used up enough firepower." He then counted the dragons, all the Riders were there. Wait! Where was Ottar and Venomjaw? Hiccup's eyes widened in horrified realization, he whipped back around to look at the ships and pulled out his spyglass. There on one of the ships was a Deathgripper. "C'mon bud!" Hiccup exclaimed; Toothless dove.
"Oh so he gets to attack them on their way out?" Snotlout grumbled.
Toothless maneuvered his way through the ships until he got to the one Venomjaw was on, he flapped in place for a brief moment but in that moment a net came shooting over the side of the ship. "Whoa!" Hiccup exclaimed as he steered Toothless away from it, but then another net flew from a different ship, and another, and another! "Toothless," Hiccup cried, "dive!" Toothless splashed into the water and swam away from danger. Almost a minute later Toothless and his rider came spluttering to the surface and retreated back to the other Riders. "Ottar, Lucretia, and Vemonjaw were captured," Hiccup explained with a sigh.
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Cadell and the blonde hunter took Magin to a cell below deck. As they were walking away the blonde hunter suddenly grabbed Cadell's arm, twisting it behind his back. The boy snatched Magin's dagger, which Cadell had placed in his own scabbard, and held it to Cadell's throat. "What are you doing?" Cadell hissed, trying to break free.
"Drago wants to see you, and you've made him angry," the boy replied with a smirk, "I figured I ought to use a little force to make sure you came. That slave really had you down to a T, you can weasel yourself out of just about anything, but not this time."
Cadell's face turned red with fury.
The blonde hunter took the blade away from Cadell's throat and shoved him towards the ladder that led to the top deck, pointing the dagger at him once again.
Cadell spared a moment to give the other boy a stone cold glare before climbing the ladder.

When Drago came into view the blonde boy gave Cadell another shove, this time hard enough to send him falling to his knees. He picked himself up off the floor, casting another vengeful glance at the other hunter, and turned his eyes to Drago, "You wanted to see me, sir?"
"Where," Drago spat, "have you been?"
"New Berk, sir, gathering information, just as you asked."
"For twelve hours?" Drago yelled.
"There may've been a slight delay in my return," Cadell admitted. Drago's glare seemed to make him shrink. "But I have plenty of information," he smiled nervously. Glancing around the deck he saw the blonde boy and another hunter both pointing blades at him; this was not looking good.
"Well?" Drago growled.
"Night Furies," Cadell said, choosing the grandest news he had gathered, "there are other Night Furies than just Hiccup's."
Drago looked skeptical.
"If you don't believe me ask your prisoner," Cadell continued, "I hear you caught the Deathgripper and its riders. Well the man named Ottar used to work for Grimmel and knows all his secrets." Cadell held his breath waiting for Drago's response.
Drago looked thoughtful for a moment, "Go," he finally told Cadell.
Cadell let out a sigh of relief, Drago wasn't going to kill him. He bowed and walked away.
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Deadly Nadder

Magin opened his eyes.
As his sight adjusted to the darkness, he observed his surroundings. He saw that he was in a cell, his hands bound with a chain secured to the wall. He heard men shouting outside, and the crash of waves against the ship. The smell of smoke filled the air, drifting from a forge. And by the gods, his skull throbbed like some blacksmith had been using it as an anvil. Hesitantly, he touched the side of his head, feeling the bruise there.
Suddenly, he tasted bile as his body warned him that he was about to be sick. He didn't know if he was seasick or if he had a concussion, but he didn't care. He went down on his hands and knees, retching.
When it was over, he looked up and saw Cadell standing there, holding some sort of strange object in his hand, filled with an odd liquid. He wasn't sure what it was.
"Ottar and your girlfriend have been captured," he said with a satisfied smile.
"I swear to the gods, if you've hurt her—"
Cadell ignored him. "Drago has ordered his prisoners to be brought to him for interrogation. Apparently he didn't believe me when I told him about the Night Furies." He walked to Magin and kicked him. "Get up."
Cadell lunged forwards. Magin thought he was going to hit him, but he felt a sharp pain in his neck, and everything went dark.

Magin knew that he couldn't have been unconscious for more than a few minutes, but when he woke up, he felt stiff and groggy, as if he had been asleep for hours. He was lying on the floor. Cadell had unlocked his restraints, gagged him and chained his hands behind his back. The boy pulled him roughly to his feet, and Magin tried to struggle, but he discovered that his limbs barely worked.
"Move," Cadell snarled, shoving him. Magin was forced to obey, slowly shuffling towards the stairs that led to the deck.
Books are like dragons... if we do not believe in them and read them, they will cease to exist.
How then will we learn the language and understand the stories of the dear dead ghosts of the past?

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.

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The Riders landed outside Gobber's newly built blacksmith shop. "Gobber," Hiccup called, jumping off Toothless' saddle.
"Aye?" Gobber asked.
"Were there Dragon Hunter here?" Hiccup questioned as he took into account the number of people standing around with weapons in their hands.
"That there was, but don't worry, we Berkians gave 'em a piece of our minds!"
"Do you know where they went?" he asked.
"I do," a woman's voice came from behind. Hiccup turned around to see his mother, Valka, climbing off her dragon, Cloudjumper, "they left in a boat headed due south."
Hiccup nodded thoughtfully, "Thanks Mom. You, Gobber, and Eret will stay here to protect New Berk, the rest of us will track down the Dragon Hunters." He looked around, "Hey, have any of you seen Magin? He was supposed to meet us here but never did."
No one had seen the boy.
Hiccup's stomach dropped with sudden dread, they had left him alone with Cadell.

He flew Toothless over to the jail. Dismounting he noticed right away that the cell door was open. "Magin!" he called; no answer. "Magin!" Still nothing. The dirt around Cadell's cell had be kicked up as if there was a fight. In that moment Hiccup knew what had happened. He ran a hand through his auburn hair, this was all his fault, how could he have forgotten about Cadell being there?

A few minutes later, Hiccup had gathered the Riders at a cliff overlooking the ocean. They could see a silhouette of the Dragon Hunters' ship off in the distance; the hunters on the ground apparently left after the ones that stayed on the boats. "I say we torch the ship and take its passengers captive, then make them give us information!" Snotlout smirked.
"No," Hiccup said, "it'd be better to follow them from a distance, this way we have less of a chance of being mislead."
"Why do we even care anyways?" Snotlout grumbled, "We barely know these guys."
"Yeah, and we got rid of mister undercover spy," Ruffnut added.
"Cadell?" Hiccup asked.
"Ottar," she corrected.
Hiccup shook his head with a sigh.
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"Yeah, we sure did!" Tuffnut exalted. "Now he can't leak any more information to the enemy. So, next we need to-"
"Not now, Tuffnut!" Astrid interrupted. Then, calling for Stormfly and springing to the dragon's back as she landed, said "Let's go, Dragon Riders!"
Stormfly crouched, then took a running leap off the cliff's edge.
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Eira slept down in the lower quarters of the ship as it traveled late into the night. Sleeping, wasn't exactly what she would call it however. She had been more lying awake, restless. Back home, on nights like this she would go for a walk in the woods. It helped clear her mind. Or she would go flying.

She wandered up the stairs of the ship, into the open air. Breathing in the salty smell of the ocean they traveled on. No sign of the hunter's ships. She walked passed one of the sleeping dragons on the deck who had woken up upon hearing foot steps. It nudged Eira, sensing her worry. "We're going to find them" the dragon spoke to her.

"I'm just so worried..." Eira's voice trailed off, "If they're anything like the ones Rider helped save the island from... who knows what's going to happen"

The dragon nuzzled close to Eira, in a sort of hugging motion.

"Still having late night chats with the dragons are we?" Rider's voice came from behind them. "You know, I don't speak much dragon, but jugging by the way you two are close, whatever she said is probably not wrong"

Eira stood up with a smile, going over to hug Rider. "I'm worried about Kelii." She sighed, the other dragon followed, a darker dragon but similar species to Kelii. However, she appeared to be a more smaller Night Fury like dragon. She made an essential part of the dragon guard. Perfect for flying undercover in the dark of night. She was one of the dragons Eira and Kelii had been close with growing up. "I'm going to sleep out here with the dragons." She decided looking up at the night sky.

"Eira," Rider shook his head, "there's not much night left. The sun will be rising soon. We need to find a near buy island. Gather some food, let the workers recover for a bit. We're too much of a target if we stay out here in the middle of the ocean." he eyed her a moment, "And I'm sure you and Shadow could use a walk in the woods."

Eira gave the smallest smile. Rider was right. To her left she could see the glimpse of the sun rise. "Raise the white flag" She instructed to one of the cabin men who was working the night shift. "And tell the captain to keep an eye out for us to return." She climbed on to the dragon's back. "Shadow and I are going to scout for near buy islands. Two blasts mean we've found something, three means it's unsafe."

"Now Eira I didn't mean-" Rider started, but she cut him off, leaping into the air already, however the dragon's tail stayed close enough for someone to grab on to.

"You coming?" Eira asked with a smile, as Rider grabbed on to the dragon's tail. With a quick flip, she lifted the other man onto her back.

"We should head straight, " Rider suggested, "I've heard reports of another island teaming with dragons and humans who live at peace with them. Maybe they can help."

"And maybe they know more about the dragon trappers." Eira said, signaling Shadow to take off at a faster speed than the ships, in the direction of what they did not know was New Berk.
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Meanwhile, in a good sized room below the deck of Drago's ship Ottar and Lucretia stood, with their hands tied behind their backs, waiting for Magin to arrive. Drago and two Hunters were there as well, keeping a close eye on their prisoners.
Then there was a knock at the door. One of the hunters drew his sword and opened the door. Upon seeing who it was he moved out of the way. In came Cadell pushing Magin along.
Lucretia noticed that Magin was barely moving. "Is he okay?" she whispered to Ottar.
"He'll be fine," Ottar whispered back, "it seems as though he was injected with Deathgripper venom. He's partially paralyzed but it will wear off." He sighed, the Hunters were already using Venomjaw's abilities against them.
Cadell gave Magin one more shove that sent him stumbling in line next to Lucretia. Then he receded into the background with the other Hunters.
Drago set his eyes on Ottar, "Cadell tells me you were a dragon hunter."
Ottar hung his head, "That I was. And I regret it with every bone in my body."
Drago's eyes narrowed. "He claims that there are other Night Furies and that you can confirm this."
Ottar said nothing.
"If you don't tell me your dragon dies."
"You wouldn't!" Ottar cried, "he could be so useful to you." He hated himself for saying that but it was the only thing he could think of to buy time.
"Useful or not it's still a dragon," Drago reasoned.
Ottar bit his lip.
In response Drago glanced over at one of his hunters. The man understood and went towards the door.
Ottar understood too. "Wait!" he exclaimed, "I'll tell you."
The hunter stopped.
"Yes," Ottar sighed, "Cadell is correct."
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