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Favorite HTTYD soundtrack cue
Topic Started: 05 Oct 2015, 22:55 (2489 Views)
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Berkian Musican

1. Test Drive/Coming Back Around
2. Forbidden Friendship
3. See You Tomorrow
4. This is Berk
5. Romantic Flight
6. Battling the Green Death
7. New Tail
8. The Kill Ring
9. The Downed Dragon
10. Dragon Battle

This has to be one of the best scores I've ever heard, after Lord of the Rings and select others. John Powell really did a great job for this score.
Just another fan of How to Train Your Dragon.
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Hideous Zippleback

Mine is "New Tail." I really like how it builds to a dramatic ending with drums and vocals!

The best Secret Odin GIF(t) ever, made for me by DeWhite! Thank you! :D
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kyt, 18, she/her.

1. Forbidden Friendship
2. Romantic Flight
3. Test Drive
4. New Tail
5. This is Berk
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Should I Write Something Interesting Here?

Does anyone want the soundtracks of both films in lossless format?
I can share with those who ask.
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Fearless Hungarian Hofferson
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Dragon Egg


I don’t know is it the right topic, but I found this the closest one. :$

Last night I watched Hungary’s Got Talent on TV, and guess what, the music at the beginning was, „See You Tomorrow”! Wow! :blink:
I got really hyped when I heard it! :D It also made (the rest of) my day! ^_^

You can watch it here (starts at 2:00): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DP6yv6xeTU

UPD: It seems the video had been taken down for some reason, but I'll put up a link later when it's available again. :/

BTW my list:

1.Test Drive / Battling the Green Death
2.Forbidden Friendship
3.See you Tomorrow
4.This is Berk
5.Romantic Flight
Also knows as Mr.NightFury on Berk's Commentvine
Toothless addict
HTTYD is love, HTTYD is life!
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