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You know you're a fan when?
Topic Started: 30 Apr 2014, 20:16 (19281 Views)
Berserk Shieldmaiden
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Superior Warriorness

You know you're a HTTYD fan when????????

You become interested in Viking history and Norse mythology because of this movie
You have songs from the soundtrack on your mp3 player
You spend all your free time reading or writing HTTYD fanfiction
You punch your significant other in the arm and say "That's for *fill in blank* I do this to my husband

Add to the list
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im just kinda here well occasionally

you get mad at the how to train your dragon facebook page for pairing a quote with the wrong picture
hi im réka
im developing a mildly unhealthy obsession with obiwan kenobi (more like obiwan kenoBAE am i right)
my personal tumblr is ninja-stop
im also writing a fantasy/humor novel called RESET which i won nanowrimo 2015 with i have a writing tumblr for it if you wanna check that out
yeah thats it this probably isnt what should go in a signature but w/e
i have 2 pet buns
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You hear "How to Train Your Dragon" and you're like

Your music taste branches out either from Powell's scores or Jónsi's music
You have nothing else to draw but HTTYD characters

(Same here for a new-sparked interest in Norse culture, as if Skyrim and Þór wasn't enough)
Come and visit my blog!
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Nat the Hooligan
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Left Handed Hooligan

You say 'with my face!' To random tasks you are going to do.
You see birds flying around and imagine them as dragons.
You quote the movie and show whenever possible even is its a not that popular of a quote.
You what reading The Mighty Thor comics because of ask the times they r reference Thor.

"I'm good with fabric, who knew?!" ~Tuffnut
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you make a tumblr blog and follow other httyd dedicated blogs.
you start giffing the movie/tv show because why the hell no.
you join a httyd forum :$
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Dragon Bassist

You have a Toothless figurine to guard over your workstation in college.
You have 20 gbs of HTTYD stuff on your hard drive.
You instinctively go looking for HTTYD stuff when you're in a book store or music store.
Your bass guitar is covered in Toothless stickers :3
I challenge you to be lazier than me!

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the unholy offspring of lightning and death itself

when you instinctively quote the movie without realizing it "this is amazing"

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You buy the movie multiple times just to get extra sure that you really have it.
You try to change every conversation, no matter what topic, into a Dragons conversations.

No, I'm serious....stop it..
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[color=#d51c1c]The Lemon God

01 May 2014, 05:18
when you instinctively quote the movie without realizing it "this is amazing"
When you read "this is amazing" and you hear Hiccup saying it.
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i dont think my avatar is working but ehh

When your friends want to murder you because of you mentioning dragons too much.....

When someone says 'Whassup', you go 'DrAgOnS!'

When you type httyd:// instead of http://..... (My signature)
i'm not very active anymore!! it's sad, but i'll come back sometimes to feel nostalgic ahaha
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