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(your) dragon
Topic Started: 29 Jul 2014, 04:50 (2124 Views)
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mystery dragon, pic drawn by night fury fire. Thank you

If you had your own dragon, what would it be?
male or female?
What color?
what name?
Would it have a certain personality?
or anyhthing else you can think of.

Mine would be a monstrous nightmare
black, red,and some green.
His name would be torch
He would be a shy dragon, more laid back. But if someone tries to hurt his friends then his bad side would come out and you would not want to be the bad guy against him.
He would be very protective also. :nightmareegg:

Dragons, need I say more.

Hiccup, chief of berc, dragon master.
Toothless, alpha dragon.
You and me bud we can do this, as one.
It's just a zipple misunderstanding
I like a pit, but I love a boar pit.
i am hurt,I am very much hurt.
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Night fury fire
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[color=blue]We're fangirls! It's an occupational hazard...

Name- snowy
Gender- female
Color- slightly off white/ very light grey with deep pink eyes
Breed- night fury

Snowy is one of my dragons OCs that I made up. She is ultra rare albino night fury and her and toothless have babies :3. She is more shy than toothless but can be badass when she wants to 8)

^_^ ;) :D :$ :P 8) :'( :( ^) :O :blink: >:( <3 <- me seeing httyd 2
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i dont think my avatar is working but ehh

Color~The same as Valka's Bewilderbeast, just with a blue-greeny tinge on her sharp horn things instead of red.
Personality~Shy at first, but once you know her, you are in for a ride. Slushy knows her power, and chooses not to use them, but if she has to, she will. She is loyal to me, and knows who I don't or do trust, but I usually let her do her alpha things.
i'm not very active anymore!! it's sad, but i'll come back sometimes to feel nostalgic ahaha
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antisocial british nerd with a youtube channel

Name: Asmund (Norse name meaning "divine protection")
Gender: Male
Color: Lots of shades of dark blue, like the night sky
Breed: Stormcutter
Personality: Very bold and daring and loves fun and adventure (a bit like his rider *ahem* LOL). VERRRRRRY fierce when he wants to be (a bit like his rider again *ahem*). Often acts before he thinks (a bit like his- you get the idea). The dragon version of me, basically, but a bit cleverer and he has wings.
Me? An otaku? Pfff.

Yes I do like dragons if you're wondering. Doesn't seem like it from my profile pic n signature, I know, but I do.

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Most inactive ass in the fandom

Name: Sparklewave
Gender: Female
Color: Sky-blue with some silver parts and red eyes.
Breed: Scauldron

Personality: Nice, Funny, loyal, likes me,... has to be in every way like me :D
Yes, I ship Dagur and Hiccup.

I apologize for cringy posts I made some years ago
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Defender of Insanity and Master of Apologies

I know it may be clichéd, but hey! NIGHT FURY!

Name: Cloud
Breed: Night Fury
Gender: Male
Colour: Very dark blue scales, a light blue-green colour for the eyes.
Personality: Shy at first. Doesn't like society, dragon or human. But once you get to know him, you find that the is outgoing, playful, and has an interesting way of doing things. Often the odd one out. Inquisitive, curious, and a bit moody when things don't go his way.
Relationship: Best friend. We go exploring in far-off places, and mostly just enjoy our company.

Did you miss me?
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twelve days north of hopeless

I'd totally have a Bewilderbeast.

Name: Blizzard
Gender: Male
Breed: Bewilderbeast
Description: not yet full-grown. Has gray scales and blue-tipped frills with an off-white underbelly. Yellow eyes.
Personality: A gentle giant who tends to get frustrated easily and irritated too quickly (the irritated too quickly part basically describes me lol)
Find me on tumblr and deviantart!
I have been here an embarrassingly long time

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Terrible Terror

Name: Flametail
Gender: Male
Breed: Monstrous Nightmare
Color: red with yellow markings
Personality: Hostile toward strangers, but playful, creative and curious once you've gained his trust. He's also very stubborn and gets irritated quite easily, like most Monstrous Nightmares.

Night Fury: The unholy offspring of lightning and death itself.
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[color=#B40431]Winner of Shnuckle's Oneshot Fanfiction Contest 2014

Name: Stryker
Gender: Male
Breed: Nadder
Color: Variations of grey
Personality: Stryker tends to be the voice of reason to other dragons, and has an intellegent mind and a calm, noble spirit.
'There Were Dragons When I Was A Boy…'

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"You don't know this yet, but people need you."

Name: Beauty Spark
Gender: Female
Breed: Hobblegrunt
Color: Peach with orange and hot pink spots (though hobblegrunts can change colors, this is what she would be by "default".) And yellow eyes.
Personality: Sweet, gentle, calm, sensitive, and caring to all around her. Slightly prissy.

Oh, and hey, there's a lot about Hobblegrunts that they didn't mention in the movie that I think they should have! According to the website, they can sense when something is about to happen a split-second before it happens, they can detect mood, and by changing colors, can even slightly influence mood!
I haven't read all of the books, but I believe Camicazi's dragon, the original Stormfly, was a "mood dragon" that changed colors. I think this is the closest the movies are going to get to that.
My other fandoms summed up in gifs:

"You have the heart of a Hiro and the soul of a Tadashi."
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