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The great hall
Topic Started: 04 Mar 2016, 06:30 (36324 Views)
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mystery dragon, pic drawn by night fury fire. Thank you

I've been wondering something lately.
The great hall doors.
Why so big? ^)
Why not make them the normal size for a human?
Why are they the size for a dragon to enter, especially when the great hall was built when the war with dragons was still going on. ^)
Dragons, need I say more.

Hiccup, chief of berc, dragon master.
Toothless, alpha dragon.
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It's just a zipple misunderstanding
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Archivist of Berk

I'm guessing that one of the reasons is to be as impressive as possible. From what (little) I know, Viking tribes were always trying to impress each other, and having the biggest great hall with the most grand doors would have certainly been an impressive feature to show off to visiting tribes.
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What hictooth says. Impressive buildings help keep your people proud about themselves, and indirectly loyal to you as well. It's all about psychology. ;)
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Toothless the nightfury
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Deadly Nadder

i agree people kings and countrys have been trying to build bigger and better for donkeys years

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Dragon Egg

Maybe also to honor their gods and ancestors? I don't know much about Viking mythology, but I could imagine that these important buildings have to be of adequate size to not offend the spirits.
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Dunno what to say here.....

I agree- it's Berk. Now, just think about Berkians for a split second... Now, think if the first words to describe their personalities- stubborn, proud, ruthless, hilarious... Ok, maybe not that last one.
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Because it was for safety harder for at takers to enter or climb over makes sense also someone said for the gods to enter sooo yeh
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