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About the httyd-dragons statistics
Topic Started: 14 Jul 2016, 14:50 (35981 Views)
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This subject has confused me a lot. Forgive me if this first question is too trivial for you but what "attack" exactly means?
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I believe "attack" is a term used to rate a dragon's overall abilities to handle and win fights, be it with another dragon, human, or any animal. If you rate one dragon's attack a 3, that means it loses a lot of battles or isn't a very capable fighter. On the other end of the spectrum, a dragon rated at a 15 is often the victor in fights, like the Triple Stryke.
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Since we've never gotten a detailed break down of the rating and what it entails and how it's weighted from an official source. We're a little bit in the dark on how they exactly come to the chosen number, but I would agree with VeloYourSwaggyDragon, the rating is an overall look at the dragons ability to win fights and the tools it has at it's disposal. For example looking at the Nightfury it's tools would be it's claws, teeth, tail, and plasma blasts. Couple that with it's strength, intellect, it's superior speed in the air, and it's natural camouflage at night. And you have quite the deadly dragon on your hands(especially at night).

The things you could rate against it would be a clear sunny day since the dragon would be easily noticeable and have no where to hide in the sky, and it's loss of that considerable speed if it's not in the air. Now considering the Nightfury's intelligence can easily make up for these two weaknesses by just being clever, it's no wonder that it is rated at the higher end of the spectrum.

Simply put I'd say take any given dragon figure out what it's strengths are, then figure out it's weaknesses. After that figure out if those strengths can or can't cover those weaknesses, and you'll usually get a decent understanding of why that dragon was given that particular number rating.
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