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HTTYD1 references
Topic Started: 06 Jul 2014, 11:31 (3206 Views)
Dragon Girl
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When Cloudjumper regurgitates the fish he ate for Toothless, it reminds me of when Toothless did that for Hiccup. :)
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Hairy Hooligan

I can't recall the exact quote, but when Valka is talking about how she couldn't kill a dragon (Cloudjumper) and Hiccup says something along the lines of ''We have that in common', obviously referring to how he also said he couldn't kill Toothless in the first movie.

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Hiccup's Girlfriend

I don't know if this was mentioned yet, but I was thinking back to the beginning of the movie. Both movies start out the same way. With the camera approaching Berk and Hiccup's VO of "This is Berk..."

That, I'm sure, has been mentioned, but I was thinking about the sheep (because I seriously love those things. I never knew sheep could be so funny!). Both movies start out with a dragon snatching up a sheep. Then, in both movies, the remaining sheep (the ones that don't get snatched up) seem to care little for the one that gets taken. In the first movie, the sheep moves over and takes the now-absent sheep's place. In the second movie, the sheep push the snatched-up sheep out so it can be taken ("throw it under the bus", if you will).

Yeah...random thought...probably already been said. Everyone else noticed all the important ones. XD
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Terrible Terror

Drago placing his foot on Hookfangs snout looks similar to Hiccup, when he laid his hand on Hookfangs snout to train him. It's possibly a hint that Drago is basically training dragons too, but in a very cruel way.

Another reference was Toothless looking towards Hiccup, when he was under the Bewilderbeast's control. He had slit pupils and turned around slowly, like he did in GotNF before flying off on his own.

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